Why I love what I do

Lynn loves helping youth and adults discover their power within; empowering others to change their lives in a positive way and to make their dreams become reality. She loves to see those “ah ha” moments when people perceive, discover, and recognize some new meaning that resonates within.

 She is passionate about working with youth and sharing with them the importance of being authentic and true to themselves while working through those challenging teen years. Self-care is one of her favorite topics, as she has found that when you take care of yourself first you have the energy and passion to provide the service you aspire to.

A little bit about me

Lynn is interested in: essential oils, the mind body connection, neuropsychology, natural solutions, and wellness. She enjoys sharing with those that are open and ready to receive information and greater learning about these and other topics. Lynn is attentive, conscientious, and uses intuition to share impressions that may help others enhance their lives. Lynn believes that life is meant to be lived and has made enhancing life a daily habit. In addition to being a certified Ideal LifeVision coach, Lynn is available to teach, speak, or provide trainings regarding personal development.

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