Meet Heather, Ideal Life Vision Owner

Why I Love What I Do

Heather’s Testimonial from her first experience with Ideal Life Vision:

“Life Vision has taught me that I can indeed create my own life. At my first Ideal LifeVision workshop, I realized that I had the space to think about what I wanted, not what everybody else wanted me to do for them. It seems simple, but until that point and moment in time, I hadn’t realized I had been operating that way. It’s a powerful first step to identify what YOU actually want.

Through the Life Vision process, I was able to take my 8-year-old daughter to Disneyland, just after speaking at my first out of state event. Both outcomes from writing them into my life vision at the beginning of the summer, just three months earlier. It works. By using my Ideal LifeVision daily and listening to my own voice talk to me about the amazing things I am and do, I have more confidence and a stronger foundation to lean on as I continue to ask for what I want in life.”

A Little Bit About Me

In 2012, Heather discovered Ideal LifeVision as a tool to help her coaching clients achieve success, and when the opportunity presented itself to become the owner of Ideal LifeVision in 2020, she didn’t hesitate because she knows the impact this system can create in people’s lives.

Heather Rangel had coached thousands of women through their weight loss and fitness goals as an Owner/Manager of Curves since 2002. She supported and witnessed her clients achieving both success and failures along the way. Discouraged by the failures, Heather began to study what made the difference for women. 

She learned that success and failure live in a person’s own belief systems. Ideal LifeVision empowered her clients to turn those belief systems around ensuring higher success rates for her clients helping them to love their lives.

Heather has continued her learning and certified in a variety of coaching programs, mindset systems, and energy healing modalities to ensure she has the best transformational tools available so that her clients can begin living their Ideal Life.