The Trifecta of Abundant Focus

By January 20, 2016Main Blog
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When it comes to planning, goal setting and achieving – I believe there is a “secret sauce”.  I call it the trifecta of abundant focus. It consists of the following three things.
Your Word or Phrase for the year.
Your Ideal LifeVision.
Your planner.
Really?  YES!  It’s the combination of these 3 things that keep you FOCUSED – and each of them play their part.
B89B6BE7-8D30-406B-BF04-3028848B1CC2“Your WORD for the Year”  (or phrase) is something that has become very common within my circle of friends.  Most of us start pondering our word in December so we can “feel into it”.  Some say that their word picks them!  (awesome!) An example of “My word for the year” might be:  Create, Abundance, Trust, Uplevel, Crescendo.  Phrases might be “Inspired Action” or  “Let it be easy”.
Picking a Word for the year is most definitely like having a THEME of the year.  It directs your thoughts and keeps you focused on what is most important.  For example, if your word is “Trust”, you will always have it in the back of your mind that you are willing to be more trusting of your spouse.  Maybe you yourself are more trustworthy.  You find yourself trusting your intuition more.
Your Ideal LifeVision is another way of keeping you Focused on what you want to create and accomplish.  By creating a “vision” for your year -that includes the what, why, how and emotional connection- you again are focusing on what you want in minute detail, even recording it in your own voice.  This literally changes the neural pathways in your brain which results in different beliefs, thoughts, actions and results.
And finally – your planner!  Not that we have to live by a to-do list.  But what if you took what is in your LifeVision and transferred it your schedule or to-do list?  Like blocking out 7-8:00 am to workout, at least until it becomes a habit.  Or scheduling your massage – because it’s something you’re clear you wanted MORE of this year!
What if you put your WORD at the top of your weekly schedule – just to remind you to SEE more creative opportunities.
My Word, My Ideal LifeVision, My planner!  It’s got me more focused this year!
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