Crystal Nyman
“I have experienced so much clarity and growth while working with Heather. She has guided me in creating a vision for my life, both personally and professionally. I have had results of manifesting those dreams and desires in my business, my romantic life and my own health. I have been able to hold my vision and step into the feeling of it, trusting that it’s going to show up for me exactly as it’s supposed to. I live in a state of joy and gratitude daily and I feel like everything just keeps attracting. I feel like I’m a magnet for miracles. It has completely changed my life for the better.”
~ Crystal Nyman, doTerra Blue Diamond

“Ideal LifeVision is my very favorite goal setting, and more importantly, goal ACHIEVING tool. Its unique, easy to implement process is one of a kind! I have achieved and manifested many key goals – everything from growing my own speaking & coaching business, to tripling my income, to attracting amazing and fulfilling relationships and connections.”
~ Tiffany Peterson, The Lighthouse Principles Coaching

“Before Ideal LifeVision, I’d been a doTERRA Diamond for some time, but was lacking in clarity in how to have greater influence, inspire my leaders and balance family and business. After the training, I had more insight into my vision, business, family and LIFE than ever. Within 4 months of recording my doTERRA LifeVision, we went Blue Diamond and our income has doubled!”
~ Cherie Burton, doTerra Blue Diamond

My Ideal LifeVision helped me manifest being crowned Mrs. Utah in 2012, Running the business of my dreams, Being on the cover of a magazine, being a featured television guest many times touring all over China, creating a beautiful relationship with my husband and more!                        ~ Elizabeth Anderson, Owner of Elizabeth Anderson Fitness

“Nothing was ever created without a clear vision and Ideal Life Vision will help anyone achieve that. Set yourself and your business up for greater growth by taking part in this life-changing program. I know I have and it has done amazing things for me.”                                 ~ Richard Worthington, multi million dollar earner in Nuskin

“Ideal Life Vision truly impacted my business and life more than I could have imagined! This program helps you create incredible and faith which propels you to take action. It helped me get absolute clarity and focus on my goals and the next steps I need to take to get to the next level in my business and relationships.”
~ Kimber King, Million dollar earner in Isagenix