Three Methods to Get Results ~Cherlynn Thomas

By August 7, 2015Main Blog
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Your first step in any success creation is deciding what your goals and dreams are. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to put that dream into reality.  We’re striving for results-based goals.  There are three methods to getting the results you want: Strategic Plans, Incremental Plans, and Motivation.

Strategic plans are critical for results-based goals (RBG).    Strategic plans dig deep and ask a lot of self-reflecting questions.  Where are you right now?  What is the goal?  What tools or systems are available to help you achieve that goal?  What is the NEXT step required to move toward your goal?  What is the next step after that?  How will you know you have arrived at your goal?  Consider your strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.  These will change and evolve with time, so be sure to review them periodically.  Whether you choose to review them daily, weekly, or quarterly, create a system to remind you to review them.  Pick a review period, and put it in your calendar!

Implementation plans dig deeper into the methodology, tools, lists, activities, expenses, schedules, and daily habits necessary for achieving your RBG. Implementation plans are the “meat and bones” of RBG.  Implementation includes everything about how you develop yourself to achieve your goals.  The more time you spend on your implementation plans, the more successful you’ll be at accomplishing your goals.

Motivation is critical to keep the fire burning!  There will be setbacks, disappointments, and failures.  Plan on them.  Motivation is the driving fire that keeps you moving toward your goals despite these inevitable challenges.  Life does not move forward in a straight line.  Setbacks are learning tools, so step back and learn from the mistakes you make.  Just let it rest and keep moving forward toward your RBGs.  Ideal LifeVision is full of personalized motivation to propel, push, pull, drag, and lift you through your setbacks.  Listen to your Ideal LifeVision daily so that the RBG fire grows bright.

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