Women Who Live an IdealLife ~Cherlynn Thomas

By July 7, 2015Main Blog
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Aligning the Spiritual Section of my Ideal LifeVision with the will of God through prayer has been extraordinarily helpful to creating my ideal life.  Peace and power in my parenting and business have been magnified. Opportunities for growth have presented themselves in ways I had not expected. Examples of women who live an ideal life have been noted.

One example is an opportunity to serve in a local tax and planning office where I work four hours per week. This opportunity came to me by such surprise that I had no doubt that it was a clear gift from God. I serve the owner of the firm doing very simple jobs that are very easy for me yet fulfill my desire to be of benefit to those who need my help. The owner is an elderly woman who lives independently and works from dawn to dusk on her rental properties, garden, home, and tax and planning firm. She carefully plans all of her business trips and visits historic places, gardens, and museums in her travels. She lives her ideal life, and I found her through a listing at a local Presbyterian church service. She lives her ideal life. She provides me a beautiful reminder of my late grandmother.

My grandmother was a religious woman who was firm in the convictions of her faith. She lived independently until she was 92 years old. She ate live wheat grass, poured Lethicin on my hot cereal when I visited, ate almonds for her snacks, and advocated for the use of raw honey. She worked in her garden and her home along with writing letters and staying connected with her family. My grandmother exhibited powerful health throughout all her years. She lived her ideal life.

I always pray for meaningful opportunities to serve, and I am grateful for the gift of this remembrance of my grandmother through a living being who exemplifies those same principles of hard work, faith, and diligence in all aspects of life.  These women are powerful examples of ideal living.

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