Growing Your Dream Garden ~Debbie Naillon

By May 20, 2015Main Blog
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We live in a hurry up world today. Waiting is not a strong suit for most people. We decide what we want and then we turn to the computer or drive to town, and we get it! Sometimes we see it and decide that we need it and without really thinking it through, it ends up at our house.

Do you look at your dreams and goals in the same way? You decide one minute that you want this or that to happen and then you want it to happen NOW? Do you get frustrated when it doesn’t happen now? When it doesn’t happen in a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months? Our hurry up, instant gratification world has helped us to lose the art of patience.

Let’s look at your goals and dreams from a different angle. Let’s pretend that they are nourishing vegetables, all of the ones that you love the best that you are trying to grow (achieve). The first thing that you would need to do is prepare your garden spot to receive the seeds. You don’t just throw them on top of the clay soil and hope for the best. No, you cultivate the ground, you add fertilizer if it needs it, you remove the weeds, and you create an environment for the little seed to grow.

Then you go and pick out the perfect seeds to plant into your cultivated soil. Once you have the little seeds in the ground, do you dig them up the very next day to see if they’ve grown any? No, you don’t. You know that they need to stay in the ground in order to sprout and begin to grow. You are very patient with your seeds. You keep the weeds pulled away from the rows and you marvel at the first little leaves that come up out of the ground. You water, feed, and tend the little plants as they continue to grow. You know that one day, if you give them enough love and attention, they will become your favorite food and they will nourish you in ways that a store bought vegetable can never do.

Do your dreams deserve any less attention than your little seeds? You plant your dreams and then you tend them. You work to keep them nourished and growing. It takes time to grow a dream and it takes participation from you. Plant the right seeds in the right soil, give them all of the attention and love that they require and they will grow to amazing heights. The only one that can make your dreams grow, is you.

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