Listening is an Art ~Connie Boucher

By April 20, 2015Main Blog
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Listening is an art that requires unplugging from the business and craziness of the world. It is drawing inward to a silent space of peace and calmness. Listening, aka meditating is really a simple thing to do and yet for most of us the ability to listen to Spirit and inner wisdom must be cultivated.

A good way to mark where you are in your progression of listening is to schedule daily time for it (try 10-15 minutes) and then immediately afterward, record any impressions or thoughts that crossed your mind while you were meditating.

You can make meditating sessions more effective by posing a question or thought to your higher power (try starting your session with prayer) and then letting go of the thought or problem. Do not let it snag in your mind and swirl around, knitting your thoughts up in a tight ball. Rather release the thought or problem that’s been concerning you and LET IT GO, and then listen for inspiration regarding it.

Listening can greatly enhance LifeVision in two ways. First, you can save time and effort in the beginning if you simply take time to ask your inner voice what you REALLY WANT and listen for your heart to give you an answer. Being clear about what your heart (and not your ego) wants before you begin writing your LifeVision will speed up the process, and it will help you create a life that’s in alignment with your divine destiny or purpose.

Second, once your LifeVision is recorded and you are listening to it daily if you take the time to unplug from your daily grind and listen for direction, you will be further inspired about where to go and what to do and doors will naturally open for you.

Not only will daily listening quicken the process of making your LifeVision your reality, it’s sure to make the entire experience much more enjoyable and rewarding all the way around!

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