Are You A Healer? ~Lynn Navares

By April 15, 2015Main Blog
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I was looking around in a local folk art store the other day and some beautiful stone pendents caught my eye. The store clerk took them out of the case so I could get a better look and she asked me if I was a healer. I paused for a moment before answering. I then proceeded to tell her what I did to pay the bills and then what I did for my true purpose. I said I did not think of myself as a healer, she smiled.

blog 2015 04 15_2I was locked into the idea that there are only certain people that are healers and I was not one of of them. I have no schooling, training, or certification for healing and so I never thought of myself as a healer. One definition of the word healer is: “one that heals”. That definition does not specify what type of healing a person does, just that they heal. Google the word healer or healing and all kinds of interesting topics come up. Healer can be anything you want it to mean. Healer of the soul, of the body, of emotions. Now I see how each day healing is going on all around us.

I believe that as we make consistent correct choices we are healing ourselves. When we choose to modify what we eat to something more healthy we are healing our body and mind. When we choose to move past negative self-talk we are healing ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When we choose to work towards our true purpose we are healing our lives!

Yes, I am a healer! On a daily basis I strive to make consistent correct choices in all areas of my life and so I am healing myself. I enjoy sharing with others things that I have learned in the hope it may help them in their life. I love my coaching sessions as I help people dig deep and get clear on what they want for their lives. It is so rewarding when they have those “ah ha” moments and they begin to see that they have the power within them to create their ideal life! I heal myself and I help heal people with the direction they chose to take in their life.

We are all healers; we heal ourselves and we heal others as we reach out to serve and to share.

What choices are you making today to heal yourself and how are you helping others to heal?

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