Are You Attracting the People You Want to Work With on Your Team? ~Cherlynn Thomas

By March 26, 2015Main Blog
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As humans we are beings of energy. The way we sit, stand, speak, eat, dress, and feel are all forms of energy. People come in contact with human energy and reciprocate and absorb energy, which can create life and energy or extinguish energy.

Positive, building, feeding, and nourishing words, feelings, and actions generate and add to our personal energy.  Whereas negative, backbiting, and caving words, feelings, and actions deplete, douse, and suffocate human energy.

Choose Five Words

Take record of your words, emotions, actions, and stance.  Choose five words that build and lift your relationships with people.  Your word list might include

  • Grateful
  • Companion
  • Valuable
  • Ambitious
  • Resourceful

Think about ways you can become your five words. Truly, it is NOT about them – it is all about YOU.  Internalize each word and give the word energy.  Live each of those five words today and then tomorrow and the next day.  Speak each word aloud and become energized with each one.

Repackage the Fear Energy

Fear can get in  the way of magnetically attracting people to your team.  Consider this.  Repackage the fear and look at it as energy.  As you attend events and meetings, embrace the “fear energy” and allow it to pull and carry you to connect with people.  Remind yourself of your five words and energize the words with your actions, stance, and posture.

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