Remove Resistance and Just Do It! ~Debbie Naillon

By March 19, 2015Main Blog
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Are you ready to change your life? It’s interesting to me working with people that say “YES” I want to change my life and achieve my goals and then they get very resistant when it comes to actually DOING it. They begin to self-sabotage and find all kinds of reasons to not complete or record their LifeVision.

I had a client like this. She wrote all of her sections except for the Professional and Financial one. She really had a difficult time with this portion of her life. Her resistance was strong to setting goals and writing out her dreams. We explored the reasons behind this resistance, working through the reasons that she just couldn’t bring herself to complete this section.

The good news is, she finally did. She recorded it and began listening to it daily. The most amazing thing happened four days after she began to listen to her LifeVision. She had written in that she made $60,000 a year, this was a stretch for her but she had a strong why behind the figure that she’d written. I was blessed to be there when she received a phone call, out of the blue, asking her to apply for a job that has an annual salary of $60,000! The candidates for this job are being handpicked and no, she hasn’t been hired yet as the job just closed. Her excitement over being asked to apply for this job, by the person that was hiring, was a thrill to see.

After working through her resistance, she wrote clearly what she wanted and her reason for wanting it. I have no doubts that she will be hired and she has already promised me her testimony at that time. So the original question comes back, “are you ready to change your life?” It’s time to set the resistance aside and write your LifeVision with all of the little details that you dream of. You deserve it.

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