Be Careful What You Think ~Jodi Harman

By March 11, 2015Main Blog
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Have you ever had regret for something that came out of your mouth? Have you said unkind or hurtful things to a loved one? Have you ever judged someone wrongly and then hurt them with the way you responded?  Many times these mistakes are reactions to uncontrolled thoughts and feelings.

One of my favorite quotes: “What you think determines what you say. What you say determines what you do. What you do determines your future, so be careful what you think”. (Unknown)

I learned this quote a long time ago and have it in visible places in our home to help everyone speak kind word and have positive “reactions” to others. The key is that when uncontrolled words slip out of our mouths they are usually reactions to what is going on around us. Since using Ideal Life Vision I have been able to change the way I react to others by changing the neuropathways in my brain to help me think differently thus causing my reactions to be intentional words or actions with a more positive outcome. Simply stated Ideal Life Vision is a simple key to changing the way you think, speak and react to others. You can improve relationships by improving your thoughts.

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