Success = Cognizance of a Breakthrough ~Cherlynn Thomas

By February 27, 2015Main Blog
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Fear, Energy, Motion

What is a breakthrough anyway? My pathway to success has been anything but a straight line. How about you? In fact, it seems that right before a huge breakthrough toward a significant goal, I always find opposition and setbacks are common. Truthfully, I now look forward to setbacks (as long as they are short!) because I expect a great breakthrough on the other side! Something good has to come out the other end of strife and resistance, right?!

Fear Is Now Powerless

Fear is an emotional belief that there is a real or imagined danger, pain, or threat. In Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, she shoves aside the premise that fear is bad. Fear is actually okay. Get used to feeling it, and do what you need to do – anyway. The presence of fear is just an internal notification to you that you are ready to make a choice. Continue marching toward your goal or give up! If you choose the latter, how will you ever know whether or not the success that comes from continuing forward was right there before you?

Energy Swirls, Stirs, and Builds

Once we accept that fear, discomfort, or even failure is okay, we can learn, grow, and make choices. Accepting fear creates the gift of energy. The energy swirls, stirs, and builds until you ignite your action plan. Now it’s time to put that energy to use!

Transformative Motion

When you know precisely what you want to have happen with a specific action plan to achieve your goals to the pathway to achieve those aspirations is usually not a straight pathway to success. Event’s emotions, people, and fear divert our initial efforts. Fear or disappointment can set you backward and become stagnant or die off, but if we look at those setbacks as transforming and moving energy, we can utilize the meandering path with clarity and focus on the end goal is the path to success and success is simply cognizance of that breakthrough.

Natural Pathway to Success

As we strive to achieve our ideal life, our pathway to success is rarely a straight line.  If you cut through a cabbage, squiggly lines are natural occurrences.  Nature is success! A river, cabbage, waves, the core of a tree trunk, and DNA strands are anything but straight.

With certain temperature and pressure conditions, matter can reach a “critical point” after which it switches to become a liquid or a gas.  Similarly, as we attempt to reach lofty goals and reach new paradigms, we reach a “critical point” after which we switch to a new trajectory, a new plane, or a new state of having achieved our aim. The point immediately preceding the change, switch, or turning point is oftentimes the most difficult as we are at the apex of the struggle.  We feel fear, urgency, discomfort, or even pain and anguish because we are blind as to whether or not we have further to struggle or whether we have now arrived at our turning point of success.  We rarely recognize we have “arrived” until the achievement is in the past.  Recognition and awareness of success comes through a process of action, angst, anguish, agitation, grit, and energy.

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