Three Keys to Shed the “Alice Complex” and Create Real Life Results ~Janae Adamson

By February 19, 2015Main Blog
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2015 has been a year of transformation for me. I have created new relationships in business and in my personal life and let go of relationships that weren’t truly aligned. This has created space for me to double the number of people I serve in my business and GASP I have actually written this newsletter! It has been a part of my life vision for some time to expand my impact and my message through writing. However, for many years I have let fear and doubt rule my decisions. I have truly believed that I can’t write, that I don’t have enough time, that I don’t want to be this visible and on and on. So why have I known for so long what I needed to do, even had it spelled out and yet it still never happened for me? It’s because of something I lovingly refer to as the “Alice Complex.

In High School I was nicknamed ‘Alice’ from Alice in Wonderland. At the time it was kind of embarrassing to me but looking back I can see why my friends affectionately teased me about being Alice. Not only did I look a bit like her but I acted like her a lot as well. I kind of lived in a fantasy land, disconnected with myself and what I really wanted. One scene from Alice’s story really speaks to me. She is lost in the forest. So many different paths and options lie ahead of her. She is confused. She is fearful. Nothing looks like anything she is familiar with. Then at a particular fork in the road the Cheshire Cat appears in the tree above her. Alice asks the cat, “Which road do I take?” The Cheshire Cat responds with the all important question, “Where do you want to go?”  “I don’t know.” Alice responds. “Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

Step 1 Clarity
The Cheshire Cat is absolutely right. I couldn’t get this newsletter done nor could I create the transformation I needed in my life and business to make room to expand my impact because I wasn’t clear with where I wanted to go with it and why. I didn’t have the kind of clarity about my big picture that was more powerful than my fears. How did I know I wasn’t clear enough? Because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted! I may have thought I was clear about what to do and how to do it but it still wasn’t happening. It is vital then to get so clear about who you are, what you truly want and why and experience it in every part of your being until it becomes bigger and more powerful than what is holding you back. Ask yourself, Who am I? What do I truly want? What do I stand for? Paint a picture so clear that you can see it and feel it.

Step 2 Commitment
I remember the moment I reached this clarity for myself and for my business and message. Even though I know this process and help others with it, I couldn’t do it by myself. I needed support to really look at it and  step away from my fear and see my bigger picture. As I allowed this experience, with a trusted mentor and coach, I FELT the clarity resonate in every part of my body so much that I didn’t have a choice but be committed to taking the actions I needed to make it a reality. Also, once I created this clarity and made a commitment to take action in alignment with it, solutions started to come to me. I knew this was a done deal. Every part of me knew it and nothing was stopping me from sharing my message and making this happen!  How do I know I was committed? I created the results! You are reading this newsletter! If I had only been 99.99% committed, there would have been a possibility that it wouldn’t happen, that I may have let my old fear govern my result rather than the clarity I had created. Being 100% clear and committed means that it is a done deal. I also knew I had to create the right support for me to stay on task. I now have a team around me to keep me focused and help me stay with it even when the old stuff tries to come back and distract me. I am so grateful for support!

Step 3 Confidence
With clarity and 100% commitment in place, my confidence is soaring. This kind of confidence attracts RESULTS. This confidence has helped me shed the “Alice Complex;” to know what I want, get 100% committed and live my dream of creating my life and business in alignment with who I am and my purpose for being on this planet. Confidence has empowered me to attract the right information and relationships into my life so that I can truly make a difference, and llive a life where I am filled with peace, purpose and joy even while the storms of life surround me.

Those I serve in my business have also seen big results. One of my clients struggled continuously with financial difficulty. She was able to recognize that her fear around debt and money was keeping her stuck, and get clarity that she was truly worth it. Then she could commit herself to her new found clarity and she felt confident she could move forward powerfully. Miraculously, the very next day she got an unexpected check for $1000.00.

Another of my clients struggled with her own “Alice Complex” when it came to having a family. She was able to get clear that she did really want to have children, get 100% committed and confident in herself and in her decision and in the conversations she needed to have with her husband. This made it possible for her to see an opportunity she would never have noticed before and to take action to start the process of adopting two beautiful children.

Another client was able to create clarity in her intimate relationships and invite a new love interest into her life. And yet another client struggled with making consistent healthy choices around food especially in the midst of her busy traveling work schedule which affected her self confidence and her ability to be her best self. As she clarified why this was important, she saw solutions and got committed to results. Her confidence in herself and in her life and business exploded!

I know that clarity, commitment and confidence truly creates results. I believe in you and I know this is possible for you and your life too. If you are ready to to shed the “Alice Complex,” take action and create the results you desire, I have a special gift for you at

I am holding space for you to see results in every area of your life!

Love and Belief,


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