Do Your Relationships Need a Tune Up? ~Jodi Harman

By February 13, 2015Main Blog
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Did you know you can change your relationships with Ideal Life Vision?  Remember when you were first dating and you looked forward to spending time together, to talk to each other, and you actually missed your counterpart when they were away? In the early part of a loving relationship most people feel enchanted with the other. This is also a time when people “receive” positive emotions from their partner in the form of love, affection, attention, and support free of anything expected in return. This happens because of the new love trance, chemicals, and hormones rushing though each person. Do you miss the closeness that was once there?

Using Ideal LifeVision with specific wording and clarity about your relationship you can change how You feel about your partner. YOU can bring those happy loving feelings back into your relationship. YOU can change the quality of time you spend with your partner. YOU CAN recreate your ideal relationship by changing the way YOU personally feel about the relationship and change how YOU feel about your partner. YOU can bring back the passion that was once there all using Ideal LifeVision.

Take time this Valentines Day to spend focused energy on the ‘Significant Other’ in your life.  Don’t let anything get in the way!

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