Words Make a Difference ~Debbie Naillon

By February 4, 2015Main Blog
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“Never affirm or repeat about your health what you do not wish to be true.” – Ralph Waldo Trine

This is a very good quote to remember when you begin writing the health and physical portion of your LifeVision. This is one of the reasons that wording is so important within your LifeVision! The mind interprets what it hears very differently than you would think. It tends to skip over words like “not”, “no longer”, and “give up”. The mind will hear “I no longer drink sugary drinks” and interpret it as “I drink sugary drinks”. That’s not really what you want, but it IS what you are telling your brain and if you don’t wish it to be true, you have to change what you are saying.

The best way to discontinue drinking sugary drinks would be to say something like “I drink healthy drinks and I love them!” Adding the type of healthy drinks that you will be drinking would make this an even stronger statement. I have discovered with my own LifeVision that I start doing what I am saying without even thinking about it. I crave the healthier life choices and my health is reflecting that.

Writing your LifeVision isn’t hard to do, but it does take some thought as to what you really do or do not want in your life. This is, after all, YOUR life that you are creating and it deserves your time and attention. You are in the driver’s seat and it’s time to move forward, with no more excuses, and create the life that you were meant to live.

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