I CAN! ~Connie Boucher

By January 27, 2015Main Blog
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“I can’t”. How many times have you thought or said it??

I used to think and say it all the time because I didn’t think I could. I felt totally justified in saying I can’t because I didn’t feel like I had much to work with. There were walls around me everywhere.

Then I found out that THOUGHTS and WORDS HAVE POWER!! I realized that all those I can’t’s I’d been thinking and saying had energy and they’d been going out and then coming back to me multiplied and magnified, like a boomerang!

No wonder I was so blocked… all those I can’t’s were like little seeds that had grown up into layers of blocks and walls!

Uugghhh. It’s never a pretty thing to have see that you’ve played a huge part in creating your own miserable reality. But I faced the music and decided if what I’d been thinking and saying had created a hard life, I could change it up and think and say things that would create a much more enjoyable life!

Changing my thoughts and words didn’t happen overnight. It’s like breaking any bad habit. You have to work at it. And when your life feels like it’s in the dumps it takes determination and perseverance to think and talk positively.

I kept at it though, and things began to turn around 🙂

Now when I am faced with a challenging situation rather than think that I don’t have any options, I look at the situation and ask myself afforming questions, such as “HOW is this happening?” or “HOW am I doing this?” or HOW CAN I…?” and before long my brain kicks in and I am seeing new possibilities that I’d never imagined before.

If you wish to become a BETTER YOU living an IMPROVED and BETTER LIFE the best way to get there is simply to IMPROVE your THOUGHTS and WORDS.

Start today and get in the habit of thinking and saying I CAN—it’s the best way I know of to empower yourself and create a brighter and more fulfilling life!

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