Pondering Personal Peace with a Plan ~Cherlynn Thomas

By January 14, 2015Main Blog
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Okay, so maybe the title has alliteration overload, but what does it mean to you to be spiritually grounded? What does spiritually grounded, personal peace feel like? How do you become spiritually grounded and maintain personal peace? Where is the quiet focus when you’re in the midst of a hurricane? How do you just “be?”

Personal peace doesn’t just show up without a space within you for it to be created. Let’s try this. Sit quietly in a meditative place and listen to your breathe and heartbeat. Spend just a few minutes and listen. Choose one question and ask yourself that question. Your question may be ~ who am I? ~ what influence am I to have today? ~ who can I serve and how can I serve them? ~ I am in a messy situation, so what should I do? ~ why do I feel empty? ~ what brings me joy? As you receive your own answers to your own questions, do you feel spiritually grounded and at peace? Does it provoke you to ask more questions of yourself?

Inspirational. Did you feel it for yourself? Did your heart speak words to your soul that only you could understand? Were there impressions that were felt that compelled you to do something?

I invite you to search for some mindful practices that you can put in place today. Personal pondering with quiet, tangible impressions practiced daily will provide you with a sense of fulfilled joy and contentment. Pondering personal peace is foundational to your success in your relationships, finances, personal development, and health. Create your own plan to ponder personal peace.

Consider the following questions 1) What are my spiritual gifts? 2) How can I use those gifts? 3) Which people make my inner spirit come alive? 4) How can I associate with more of those people and share my gifts? 5) Are there miracles in my life right now? 6) Am I grateful for the people and the miracles I have?

Ideal LifeVision combines spiritual, physical, financial, relationship, and personal development goal setting and affirmations recorded in your own voice with music that you listen to daily.  LifeVision is a personal mission statement with minute clarity – specifics on ‘what and when’ goals and dreams with music and emotion providing daily focus to change the neuro pathways in the brain.  I would love to work with you to create a customized, detailed, personalized plan for your life.

~Cherlynn Thomas~ Rise Up to Your Ideal Life

Contact Cherlynn at RiseupILV@gmail.com

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