Live Happy ~Connie Boucher

By December 17, 2014Main Blog
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Depression, including rebellion (a form of depression), apathy, anxiety, hopelessness and unhappiness is a problem that many people are dealing with today. I have heard that about a third of the people in our world are considered depressed and dissatisfied!

10 common reasons why people are depressed and unhappy:

  1. They’re not happy with the way their life is turning out
  2. They’re stressed about not having enough time to get everything done
  3. They’re worried about not having enough money
  4. They’re worried about their kids or other people
  5. They’re feeling guiltily about not doing enough… and not doing things right
  6. balloons bunchThey’re feeling frustrated with life, and are feeling very unhappy and dissatisfied in general
  7. They’re feeling hopeless and helpless
  8. They’re unhappy in relationships
  9. They’re feeling like they’re not worthy or good enough
  10. They’re feeling like they don’t have a choice; like they’re a victim to unhappy circumstances in life

The good news is it’s actually quite easy to overcome unhappiness depression. The secret to creating a happy life is simply to choose to let go of your old story, and tell yourself an exciting NEW STORY!

Tell yourself you are not a victim to depression, but YOU ARE POWERFUL beyond measure, and if you want to change and improve your life, you can. It all starts and ends with YOU choosing to take charge of your life. You must do something different, and tell yourself a new happy story!

That’s what creating a LiveVision is all about. It’s the Ideal way to create the life of your dreams!

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