Do Your Actions Reflect the Goals You Have Made? ~Jodi Harman

By November 18, 2014Main Blog
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Many time people get upset and frustrated because they do not reach their goals fast enough. My response is usually, What are the actions you have been taking to reach or obtain this goal? For example, if someone has a goal to lose weight but is not having success in this. I will askā€¦ what are you eating? Are you exercising? Have you gone to the doctor to rule out other possible factors?

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk drawingYou see many people imagine a goal and expect it to happen just by thinking it. Statistics have shown that if a goal is written down the person has a better chance of the goal becoming achieved. If the goal is shared with others, this also increases the chances of achieving the goal. Many people will declare a goal of weight loss and put up little signs or affirmations on mirrors and refrigerators to remind them. This helps, but one must also take action! With dedication and a little desire you can begin to take action toward your goal. If you have a goal to lose weight, you need to declare your ideal weight.

Example: I weigh _________! It feels great to be physically fit and at my ideal weight as my clothes fit comfortably. I eat whole and healing foods every day to function at optimum levels and have plenty of energy.

The key is to declare what you want and word it in a positive way. Now if you are thinking this sounds like a lot of work. Then Ideal Live Vision is for you! Ideal life vision program works with your subconscious mind to create your goals and desires and can direct your actions toward achieving the goal. Implementing the Ideal Life Vision makes eating right and exercise just seem like part of your day and helps you look forward to this time, simply put; it changes the way you view your actions.

Ideal Life Vision helps you create the life you desire!

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