Three Steps to a Successful “I Am” ~ Cherlynn Thomas

By November 5, 2014Main Blog
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Ocean AbundanceHow you write your personal affirmations matters to your neural pathyways.  Your own voice is your most believable voice, so craft your personal “I am” statements so that they sing to your brain.  There are three steps to successful “I am” statements.

Step 1) Own your personal affirmations.  Your affirmations have to be just that –  owned, written, and created by you!  You’re the one listening to yourself say them every day,  and you are the one that will believe them or not.  Write your own affirmations!

Step 2) Be specific about how and when.   Craft your affirmations in such a way that you know exactly what you are saying.  For example, “Because of my recent sales training, I have 25 new clients and earn a promotion to Executive by November 15, 2014.”

Step 3) Make your affirmation sing.  What if we sang without emotion?  What if actors and actresses performed with no emotion?  Now, imagine your affirmations with no emotions.  Wow, what’s the point then?!  Your affirmations need to SING with emotion (yes, men too!).  Create your affirmations so that they sing to you with emotion.

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