What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like?

By October 2, 2014Main Blog
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What does your ideal life look like? Do you know it like the back of your hand?  How close are you to living it? If you know more about what you don’t want in your life than what you do, there is a good chance that that is what is showing up for you.  If you’ve heard that you attract what you think about but have a hard time changing what you think, you’re not alone.  It is difficult to picture the life you want to live when you are in over your head putting out immediate fires and completely immersed in what you don’t want.

When I came across Ideal LifeVision as a goal-getting and manifestation tool, the stress levels in my world were off the chart.  My mortgage payment hadn’t been current in nearly a decade.  I was working a 45-hour a week job, in addition to another part-time job and any side work I could get my hands on.  I was too busy to take care of my family, and my kids were wondering if they had a mom. You’d think that for how little time I had I would at least have some cash, but I didn’t have an extra dime.  We never went on vacation and never did anything fun.  My physical health was beginning to suffer as well. I was struggling to get by on just a couple of hours of sleep a night and was totally exhausted.  I was discouraged about the 40 extra pounds I could never shake, and I felt terrible.

Then one day the miracle happened!  I came across a program designed by Ann Webb called Ideal LifeVision.  I decided to give it a shot, mostly out of curiosity.  I wondered if it could be as simple as she made it sound to create a life makeover, and I desperately needed one.  Desperately.

Ideal LifeVision is a system that guides you to discover your purpose, create a clear vision, and reinvent your life with focus and intention. Minute clarity is what makes your life vision unique. It is a detailed declaration of intent, a personal mission statement, that includes 5 key areas of your life:

  • Relationships (family and social)
  • Spirituality
  • Health and fitness
  • Professional and financial life
  • Emotional and personal development

Your Ideal LifeVision is first created on paper or on a computer in sections and is fine-tuned and tweaked until it feels complete as an expression of the “ideal you.” It includes the motive for wanting to achieve the details of your vision (your “WHY”) and also includes the How, Where, and When (the action plan) of specific goals.  It typically runs between 5 and 12 pages typed. Now that’s detail!

Your LifeVision is then recorded in your own voice with accelerated learning music in the background, using a program on your computer.  It can then be downloaded onto your iPod (or burned to CD) and listened to daily.

The process of listening daily to the ideal life you intend to create is incredibly powerful.  The accelerated learning music accesses your belief systems at the subconscious level and begins to rewire your brain from the inside, allowing you to change your thought process and thereby recreate the world that shows up for you on the outside.  It literally sets a process in motion that activates and attracts the things you desire into your life.

The Ideal LifeVision system puts your “ideal life” on the front burner daily, thus integrating these dreams into your life swiftly and efficiently. By listening to what your “ideal life” looks and feels like daily, you begin taking steps in that direction immediately.  Because of the unique recording method and the type of music used, even when daydreaming and not particularly “listening” to your dreams, your subconscious mind still “hears” and responds. Each and every day you are FOCUSING on what you want and the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be narrows. By listening daily to the type of person you are becoming, your beliefs begin to change. These beliefs, which in turn create habits, begin to give way to new beliefs, thus creating new habits.

The first obvious requirement to having what you want, is to know what you want. Most people can give you a detailed list of what they DON’T want, but how many people actually articulate in minute detail the things they desire in all areas of their life?

I definitely knew what I didn’t want.  I knew I didn’t want any more bill collectors to call me on the phone.  I knew I had regrets in relationships that I had no idea how to fix. I knew I kept setting the same New Year’s resolution about my weight year after year and never made more than 5 pounds’ progress.  I knew we had been telling our kids we would take them to Disneyland for over 10 years and never even got close to getting there. I knew every time someone asked for something or had a great idea about something we could do, I could give them all the reasons we couldn’t do it. I pretty much had what I didn’t want memorized, and I could recite it in my sleep.

Writing my life vision was definitely an exercise in imagination, and a fun one at that!  I thought of everything I didn’t want and imagined what it might look like to have something different.  What would it look like to have extra money left over at the end of the month?  How would my body feel if I awoke with energy and enthusiasm every day feeling rested and alert?  What if everyone could just pick up their own stuff and not make a mess? Better yet, what if I had someone to help me with my home management responsibilities so I didn’t have to do everything myself?  What about that stack of books I was not getting around to reading?  If I could travel, where would I go? How often?

After facing my fears that Ideal LifeVision might work great for other people but probably not for me, I did get caught up in the possibilities in my world of make-believe, and it felt good to have hope again – if only my life vision would perform like it had for other people I had talked to.

After listening to my recording every day for a few weeks, the first “miracle” showed up.  A friend recommended the perfect person/arrangement to help me with my house.  Luckily, I recognized the opportunity as the line from my life vision that said, “I have someone help me with my house 3 hours a week, and my bathrooms are sparkly and shiny…”  I realized my thinking had changed. The thing that had been impossible a few weeks previously turned out to be no big deal and actually a “no-brainer.”  It was so easy that I truly was a little disappointed I hadn’t asked for more hours.  That should be simple enough to fix, though; I just rewrote that section, rerecorded, kept listening, and waited…a few more weeks, until my modification also manifested with perfection.

That was the beginning of an amazing journey.  Within a few months, we took our family on a 10-day trip across the country that was impossible before Ideal LifeVision.  One child who had struggled with reading for years finally started to make significant progress.  I started forming new habits.  Managing my family became easier and less stressful.  Clouds of depression started to lift. I was happier and much, much more fun.  The perfect new office for my business showed up, previously considered completely out of reach.  Broken relationships started to mend as I changed how I saw people and how I responded to them.  I started desiring and acquiring healthier lifestyle habits, and I dropped 40 pounds like a rock.  Where before I saw limitation, I began to gain confidence, and I started to have ideas on how to accomplish my goals and desires.

What if there really is an alternate universe in which you live a different life, the one you were meant to live, the life where you play big, live your passion, and actually do what you are meant to do?  What if all it takes is to decide what that looks like, record it, and listen to it daily?  What are you waiting for?   Transform your life today with Ideal LifeVision.

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