Our Habits Make Us

By January 24, 2013Main Blog
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“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” ~Charles Noble.

HabitsThis is a powerful quote that hits me in the heart. My mind (and heart) has been focusing on developing better habits and mindful practices. Just yesterday I began a list of habits that I want to develop that reached 21 before I even got started!

I know enough to realize that it’s foolish to think that habits can be developed and consistent in a short time. I also know better than tackling all 21 at once.

I love how Steve Pavlina says that “habits are memorized solutions”. Eating, typing, reading and driving a car are all memorized solutions. So….habits are really just how your brain approaches time management. Your mind has better things to do than solve the same problems over and over, so it delegates problems to your subconscious mind in order to recall and apply the memorized solutions. I’m so happy to turn most of my habits over to my subconscious, however, there are many things that I want to consciously implement.

Is it true that our habits make us? I believe so. If I fail to follow through on my physical fitness routine, eventually I’ll become soft (and fat). Likewise, if hit the snooze button instead of jumping from bed when it goes off, I’ve started my day with a broken commitment.

So this week began with a recommitment to 5 habits – 2 of which were already 90% established.

Getting up at 5:30 am
No Sugar for 90 days
Spiritual Power Hour that includes a full hour of reading, mediation & prayer
Writing in my journal daily (setting intention)
Listening to my Life Vision 6 X a week.

One week is easy. But what about Week 2? (Or when you’re on vacation…do habits go on vacation as well?) Luckily I’ve found that somewhere between the third and fourth week, it all comes together. Developing mindful practices that are consistent is my growing edge.

What habits would you like to develop?

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