Small Changes – Big Results

By August 6, 2012Main Blog
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A long time ago I read an article somewhere that talked about how adding a few small and simple things to your Life could be Life Changing. I don’t remember all that was on the list – but today I felt compelled to create my own list.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s the SMALL things that can be the most powerful. Obviously this is not a complete list and trying to do them all at once WILL NOT make your life happier but actually more stressful. So if this resonates with you, take on one small change at a time. Implement one change at a time – but do it consistently so that it becomes a habit (don’t go too fast)

Most are obvious – and some aren’t.

Hope you find these useful!

1. Walk daily

Walking every day is good for you. But more importantly, it’s good for your mind. I personally love walking in the mountains where the air is clean and I get to be in nature. But regardless of WHERE you walk – just do it! There’s few better ways to boast your mood.

2. Wake early

Frequently, please ask me what ONE THING they could put into their LifeVision that would be the most transformational. Many times I simply say “wake up early.” The early morning is peaceful – there are no interruptions and no noise. You can wakeup and go for a walk. You can meditate. And you can create something cool!

And waking up early is the most productive thing I’ve ever done. I often get more work done in a couple hours in the morning than during the entire day.

3. Eat less

Many of us overeat. I’m one of them and so this advice is to me and others that struggle with this. Here’s what we can do: Eat slowly and don’t eat until you’re full. Read a book on the mentality of eating healthier. I recommend The Beck Diet Solution and The Miracle Pill.

4. Stop watching and start doing

Watching is easy. Anyone can watch someone. Spectating isn’t inherently bad, but I believe we do too much of it. Instead of watching, do something. Or better yet, create something!

5. Declutter

Clutter takes many forms. Not just the physical clutter on your desk, but also the virtual and mental clutter can also take a toll. The only way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of stuff. Deal with bad thoughts and be done with them. Delete unneeded files. And get rid of unnecessary items.

Then when you feel like adding something, ask yourself if it’s necessary. For the most part, it will just contribute to clutter.

6. Drink water

Often, I used to feel like crap just because I wasn’t hydrated. Drink water, and it will make you feel better. Soda and most other drinks often make you feel worse. Drink water and only water. Drink it with meals and drink it throughout the day.

7. Meditate

The incredible benefits of meditation are well-known. But most people don’t practice it because it seems complicated. The truth is, you don’t need to shave your head, or sit with crossed legs to meditate.

The simplest way to meditate is to just sit and breathe. Focus on your breathe. Or focus on the sounds around you. This is my new “growing edge” and I’m just starting to get into this!!

8. Live in the moment

The past is yesterday and the future is later. The present is the only time we are truly living. So instead of analyzing the past or worrying about the future, live in the moment. (“Present Tense” – remember that from creating your Ideal LifeVision?)

9. Focus on what’s important

Too often, I used to let the dumb little things get in the way. Now my intention is to forget the trivial and focus on what’s important.

What is important? Family, Faith & God, Making a Difference through ILV, Adventure & the outdoors are all important to me. Steer clear from the un-important and just do the important things.

10. Wait before you buy

Often we think we need something, but it ends up in the basement – unused or in the Goodwill pile. Before you buy something, wait a month. If you still believe it to be useful, then buy it.

Understand that every time you purchase something, the cost is more than just monetary. You are taking on this item. You must put it somewhere, you must protect it, and you must maintain it.

11. Stop judging

Judging is easy. And….one of the dumbest things you can do. It’s impossible to fully understand others. You don’t know what they’ve been through. And so why judge them? It’s harmful to your own peace, and it’s harmful to others.

12. Stop interrupting

Let people finish their sentence. You aren’t in such a hurry that you need to interrupt. Let people speak. You might learn something.

13. Create and Serve

Everyone has something they can add to the world . . . .something they can create or serve with. Spend time everyday creating. Spend time every day serving. These two things combined can change lives! (Even if it only helps one person.)

14. Single-task

Multi-tasking is a myth in most situations. We can’t multi-task – our brain can only switch between two tasks. So multi-tasking is actually less productive; not to mention stressful. Instead, focus on a single task. (Talk to your friend instead of pretending to listen while you’re facebooking – ha, caught ya!!

15. Play

Most people are too serious. Laugh and goof off sometimes – even in a business setting (who cares!) Forget being judged, and let loose. We aren’t so different from children – only we try to hide our play. Forget maturity. Forget working for now. Play. Enjoy life.

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