2 BLOCKS with Money

By August 1, 2012Main Blog
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At the core of successful income generation/creation is VALUE CREATION.  If you want  a great income – then you must provide something that matters enough to someone  that they’ll pay you for it!  That could come in the form of selling a service, a useful product or even providing a free service and monetizing it via others means – like a rockstar blog.

But in either case the core activity is creating and delivering value to others.  It’s a simple concept really – but it’s AMAZING how many people just don’t get it!!

Here are a couple examples of MISTAKES when it comes to income generation.

Mistake #1:  Meditating and/or relying solely on your LifeVision to generate income.

Occasionally, I receive emails like the following:

Ann, I just don’t get it. Every day I  listen to my LifeVision –  visualizing what I want while focusing on attracting abundance.  But I’m still not making enough money to cover my bills.   In fact, I’m sinking deeper into debt each month.  I’ve updated it.  I listen daily. But nothing is working.  I’m at my wits’ end.  What am I doing wrong?

Now this is NOT about how Ideal LifeVisoin doesn’t work – this is pointing out that LifeVision by itself is NOT an income-generating activity.  How is merely listening, updating or even focusing  of abundance through the recording providing value to others so that they’ll gladly pay you in exchange?

I hope you’ve heard me say this before – but the purpose of your LifeVision is to compel you to take action!!!  And it’s that ACTION  or Value Creation that will ultimately make you the money, helping you pay the bills.   Don’t expect to receive a paycheck from Listen-only mode (LifeVision).

Mistake #2:  Focusing on getting money instead of providing value

When a person is trying to create an income without any concern for others, they are completely missing the point.

Here’s another example from a blogger:

I’ve put a ton of effort into trying to make money online, but something isn’t working.  I’ve posted hundreds of articles on my blog, and I keep adding stuff every week.  I’ve been using good headlines, stuffing articles with intelligent keywords, writing top 10 lists, and more.  I’ve experimented with Adsense ads, text link ads, affiliate programs, and other ways to make money.  I’ve really tried to build a following, but I’m barely making any money from it.  What am I doing wrong?

Your problem might be this simple – Who the heck cares?

Mistake #2 is very similar to Mistake #1 –  You’re too wrapped up in your own little world of me, me, me.

Where’s the value? 

Articles, content, ads, and affiliate programs are not TRUE value.  Building a following is not value.  These are simply the means — the shell — for providing value.

You don’t care about the service you provide any more than your would-be visitors do.

By focusing on getting money, you’re missing it – the point is to provide value to others.  This means serving people in a way they aren’t already being served, in a manner that aligns with your unique creative self-expression.  Share what only you can share.  Express what only you can express in the way that only you can express it.

In the long run, trying to get money is a business model from hell.

But with a value-driven mindset, you’ll be properly centered on the very thoughts and actions that will produce a sustainable income stream.

So in summary…increase your income by focusing on action and value creation.  Use Lifevison as a MEANS to get you to take action.  Use it for your mindset.  Focus on value – not money


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