I awake and arise at 6:00 am, joyful at facing a day full of opportunity. I look forward to beginning the day. I feel rested and alert and excited to see what the day will bring. I exercise for 45 minutes with my heart rate at 132 for 20 minutes. I choose walking, aerobics, or using the ski machine. When I am walking I feel myself in tune with the tress and breeze; my soul renews as I walk. I happily search for opportunities to walk alone or with Sarah. I enjoy the exercise, feeling my muscles stretching, growing taut, relaxing, and my body growing lean and healthy. My body reacts to exercise by increasing circulation, metabolizing food well, ridding itself of toxins, balancing hormones, and using oxygen well. With each exercise session I feel stronger, healthier, and the exercise becomes easier.

I keep a vision of my ideal self in my mind. I stand tall, with good posture, moving gracefully and with poise. I have energy. My body is firm and well-shaped and I have confidence in how I look. My hair and nails are healthy and well groomed. My body is clean and sweet smelling. I am 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 125 lbs. My eye-hand coordination is excellent and I enjoy playing volleyball, tennis, softball, and group sports. I particularly love to dance. My body responds well to the demands made by my mind as it expresses my feelings and responds to the music. I dance jazz, Latin, and ballroom style. I attract partners in partner dancing because I keep myself well practiced in various dances. I delight in body control and my ability to express myself well through dance. I am in harmony with my body and appreciate its added dimension to my soul. I take good care of my body, giving it 12 glasses of water each day, which efficiently serves my body’s needs.

I eat grains, fruits, and vegetables. My body accepts the food easily, using it effectively. I enjoy eating and eat until filled. Because I exercise and eat nutritious foods, my body is increasingly efficient at burning excess fat quickly so that I become more lean and trim. Each day my stomach gets flatter, my legs stronger and more slim, my buns tighter, and my back straighter. My body is limber, lively, strong and works well. It never lets me down.

I enjoy feeling the clothes fall on my increasingly lean body and slither down. I have abundant energy because my body is extremely well conditioned and very well maintained. Every day I feel an increase in stamina. To ensure that I enjoy life to it~Rs fullest, I take extreme care to eat well prepared, nourishing meals. I plan them ahead, always eating 3 meals a day. I make sure that I always eat them at a regular time. I savor the flavor of good foods. I make sure that each meal includes several vegetables and grains. I eat slowly and chew carefully. I enjoy the preparation and anticipation of the coming meal.

I obtain power from righteous living. The ever-growing strength in my spirit causes me to eschew evil. I love being a daughter of Heavenly Father; I have a glow and warmth from that love. I open my heart to feel His approval and appreciation. My high self-esteem comes from my relationship with Him and I tenderly protect that relationship. Each morning at 7:15 I have an hour of meditation and planning time right after I have dressed for the day , I read the scriptures and study guides as I seek for greater understanding. I thoughtfully prepare and then speak with the Lord. I respectfully approach Him and carefully listen to His direction and teachings for me. I tune into His strength and power and add to my own. I speak with the Lord honestly and openly. My prayers are purposeful and meaningful. I have confidence that I understand His directions and trust my ability to respond to His promptings.

I am optimistic. I expect the best. I recognize the value of my time, resources, and energy and wisely make decisions on spending them. I see what steps need to be taken and what resources are needed. I effectively judge the energy required from me and make allocations of my time and resources for that which I want most in life. I master my time so that I handle stress easily. I schedule time carefully and keep the commitments I have made. I choose uplifting and enlightening books, movies, and television programs. I choose to be with people who uplift and enlighten, but learn from everyone I am around. I relax well, even as I go about my daily routine. I am slower to jump to conclusions and calm in a crisis. If I feel stress I recognize it, take time to stretch and rid my body of its effects, close my eyes for a moment, and calm myself.

I am fun to be around~spontaneous, creative, and exciting. I am positive and happy and have an uncanny ability to attract quality people. I enjoy life. That joy is contagious to those around me. I have a rewarding time establishing and maintaining relationships and look forward to spending time with friends, both men and women. People seek to be with me. They sense there are wonderful things in my soul and our bonds grow.

When I meet people I look them in the eyes. I observe good points about each person, mention it when appropriate, and use it to remember that person. I notice their eye-the color, expression, and physical features around them. I key in on their eyes the next time I see them and it reminds me of their names. I use their names at least 3 times in the conversation. I have a great memory for names. I always key my memory by saying, “What is that person’s name?” It will come to me in a second.

I sense my capacity to remember growing each day. I use this skill to memorize a scripture, quote, or poem each week. The mental exercise is very rewarding. I am so excited to learn that I stay wide-awake and alert while reading. My mind is focused. I study things and people around me. I notice changes in people and I take note of my environment. I read magazines, books, and newspapers. I read religious information, current events, self-improvement topics, the classics, and much more. I particularly enjoy reading on Sunday when I have time to concentrate and relax. I remember what I read with excellent recall.

I easily grasp new concepts and am stimulated when using my brain to understand, memorize, and find solutions. I am gracious and appreciative. When others are giving or kind, I am responsive and grateful. I graciously accept other’s giving to me, but judge well before asking too much of anyone. I acknowledge those who have a part of my life and my personality. I am generous. I constantly surprise people anonymously, receiving great joy from doing so. I am the first to laugh at my own mistakes, trying to help others not to feel self-conscious or ill at ease when they make mistakes.

I make a point of giving honest compliments and praise. I am a good conversationalist. I keep myself well-informed on current events and issues and am able to discuss them intelligently. I have a talent for putting my thoughts into words that express my feelings and ideas. I say what I am thinking and feeling in a concise and interesting way, being diplomatic and tactful. I am honest and real. I tell people how I feel and am true to myself without feeling guilty. I am gentle and kind, but firm when necessary. I recognize when it is important to share from myself. I remember stories and incidents and clean jokes and bring lightness and laughter into conversations. I am entertaining at appropriate times.

I am an active listener. When I am with others, I look them in the eyes. Each person has my undivided attention until other priorities enter in. Then I kindly extricate myself. I invite others to share in such a way that they are comfortable and at ease. They know they can trust me and that I keep confidences.

I give others space to make their own decisions, control their own lives, and encourage them to reach their potential. I am happy to be a sounding board and like the role of cheerleader for their lives. I also allow them to work out their own problems in the way they choose~expressing confidence in their ability to do so. I give others the benefit of the doubt and realize they may have other perspectives. I allow others their weaknesses, focusing instead on their strengths. I expect the best of others but accept what they give. I am appropriately confrontive. If I feel tension in a relationship, I work for resolution so the lines of affection are kept open. I seek feedback from those I respect and avoid being defensive. I am aware of actions that make others feel uncomfortable and clearly evaluate the necessity of those actions in my happiness. When someone offends me I deal with the emotions at that time with the person from whom I took offense.

I feel each day that I am better than the day before, and I am excited at my progress. I love to feel the joy that comes in living in total harmony with my beliefs.

I sing well. My voice is clear and full. It’s easy to breathe correctly. My diaphragm moves properly to support the tone and I easily reach notes in a broad range.

I like learning new ideas. I like deep thinking and problem solving. I am creative in my thinking. I am good at brainstorming and finding options and possibilities. I have vision and good imagination.

I tole paint with confidence and decisiveness. I visualize the final project, quickly and decisively painting each item, and finding great pleasure in my talent. I also arrange flowers beautifully and finish all crafts well. Whatever I put my hand to I complete, and I learn in the process. I challenge myself and enjoy stretching my abilities.

I am comfortable in a crowd. I enjoy singing, dancing, delivering a speech, or teaching a class. I always prepare very well and have confidence because I am ready.

I love working with youth. I enjoy being their cheerleader and aiding in their search for their souls and personalities. I savor their growth and point out their strengths. I teach them by example and personal contact. I spend time with them, listen to them, and encourage them. When we are together their souls are warmed and they are inspired to believe in themselves.

I thoroughly enjoy my work. I love my clients. When clients meet me, they feel that they can trust me and that I have a great deal of knowledge about my field. They sense respect and warmth from me. I have great insight and understanding of those I meet. I am cordial when clients come in and think empathetically about their needs and feelings. Our relationship is always a positive experience for them. I explain well the information I give and they feel that they can ask questions. I am patient with their need for information and reassurance. They feel comfortable with me. I keep in mind the importance of customer satisfaction. I am wise when deciding which clients to take on and which ones will tax our resources too much. On their return visits to the office, I call them by name, often touch them on the shoulder, and acknowledge their importance to our office.

I arrive at the office at 8:30 am. The first hour is spent in studying, filing, and preparing for the day. At 9:30 I focus on the files that need my attention the most. I organize my priorities swell and stay focused as the other demands of the day present themselves. I use my time effectively, choosing each hour the most effective and important things to do. I approach my clientele with positive expectations. I am committed to excellence in my career, always mindful that my personal life comes before the demands of work. I quickly return phone calls and always follow through on assignments that I take on. Deadlines are always met because I plan so well ahead. I wrap up my paperwork by 5:00 pm. I work hard to be a positive part of our team. I work on ideas until we come together on our desires and are not competing with each other.

I enjoy the office staff. I watch closely for their accomplishments and compliment them specifically. I enlist their help in establishing office rules and expect them to conduct themselves accordingly. They appreciate my leadership and follow easily. We have fun and laughter in the office at appropriate times. They now from my actions and attitude that they happiness is a priority for me. I have an efficient office system and strive to continually improve to meet our clients needs. I am open to ideas from the staff and enlist their suggestions and feedback. Staff members know that they can approach me for counsel, that I am wise and fair in making decisions. I approach them in an open, easy, happy, grateful manner. I am generous with praise. I pitch in whenever necessary to take action in resolving conflicts and problems. I speak well of them to others. I am favorably viewed by upper management and, when I am with them, I converse easily.

I have a keen sense for recognizing honest and profitable business ideas. In four years my earning are $85,000; in 6 years my earnings are $100,000 and in 8 years my earning are $120,000. I save 10% of my income and keep a savings account of $25,000 for emergencies for myself or my family. I seldom use credit, using cash for most purchases. I am mastering the discipline of budgeting. I use the utmost prudence and sensibility when spending money. I save $40 monthly for “The Sisters” reunion. In one year we are flying to Boston for a vacation. My savings allows us to schedule other vacations together every other year. I enjoy our home and furnishings and the wardrobe that my income produces. I receive satisfaction and joy by performing anonymous acts of giving to those in need. My income allows me to send money, flowers, gift certificates, or food when I recognize a way I can help.

Giving of my time and efforts is always more important than money. I am descriptive in writing my creed. I listen to it daily and my subconscious mind recommits to the values and expectations I have for myself. On the first Sunday of each month I review my goals and my Creed and make changes as warranted. I anticipate these reviews and enjoy the growth and planning. I record my feelings in my journal daily, especially noting spiritual insights, growth, understanding, and accomplishments.

My strong, well-directed inner drive and brilliant imagination allow me to visualize myself reaching my goals. My mind, heart, and spirit are united and congruent, creating a power and correct that gives me all I desire.