Steven Kisaame

Steven Kisaame

Ideal LifeVision Uganda President

What is Ideal LifeVision ?

Ideal LifeVision is a program that helps you in setting your goals and achieving them.  This is done through training by experienced Life Coaches that will help you create, write and record your Ideal LifeVision.  Ideal LifeVision is more than a goal setting program. It brings a sense of Clarity, Focus and Positive Thinking. This is why if this program is practiced successively to the very end, big results are achieved.
Testimonies have confirmed an achievement close to 90%. This is based on a research carried in the U.S.A for those who have used the program.  Ideal LifeVision brings balance into the five areas of your life with an aim of bringing peace of mind and success.

  • Enjoy improved relationships
  • Increased income in any financial undertaking
  • Have an improved spiritual relationship
  • Have a healthy good looking body
  • Enjoy the benefits that come with skills learned
  • Believe in yourself
  • Get focused
  • Gain Confidence

An Introduction To Creating Your LifeVision

A LifeVision is more than just setting a goal or two. It’s written in first person and in present tense, as if it is already happening.

A LifeVision is written in 6 key areas in your life:

  • Spiritual and My Life Purpose Relationships
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Physical
  • Relationships
  • Financial and Professional
  • Giving Back

A LifeVision is written with minute clarity, including the WHAT, the WHEN, the BY WHEN, and sometimes the HOW with an action plan. The WHY or the motivation plays a key role in the success of a LifeVision. A LifeVision is then fine-tuned until it feels complete and represents a genuine expression of your ideal life.

Once it’s complete with all of the details it is then recorded in your own voice, your most believable voice. Specific music is added to the background and then recorded onto a phone, mp3 Player to listen to daily.

If a recording device is not available a LifeVision can be read aloud. The process of listening daily to the ideal life you are creating is powerful and will cause a forward motion that activates and attracts the things you desire to come into your life. Your recorded LifeVision puts your ideal life in focus and thus integrates the dreams and aspirations into your life swiftly and efficiently.

The combination of Clarity and Focus will help you BE, DO and HAVE the things you want most in your life. By listening to what your ideal life looks and feels like daily, you begin taking focused steps in that direction immediately.

The gap between where you currently are and where you want to be will narrow. By listening daily to the person you are becoming, your beliefs about yourself will begin to change. These beliefs will in turn create habits and begin to give way to new beliefs, thus creating new habits.

What Other's Are Saying

"I thank God for ideal Lifevision. Since I wrote my life visions my life has a new positive turn. I attend workshops and the weekly business coaching with Moses Masoi. Ideal Lifevision training helped me in my business alot as I got great business ideas and I also received an interest free loan that has boosted my business. The loan increased my monthly income and thus supporting my family with ease. Ideal lifevision is my lifestyle now and bigger things are coming my way."  - Abraham

"Ideal life vision has changed my life for the better. In fact it is a turning point in my life. I am amazed on the results am getting since I started using the program a year ago. My relationship with my wife and kids is improved. We now go to outings together. My income has doubled. My view to the world has changed. I love and bless the less fortunate with my resources. Finally I possess an health looking body. Thanks to Ideal life vision, I now take balanced diet and take enough safe drinking water. Ideal life vision is truly a guardian angel.."  - Dominic

"I wrote down in my Ideal LifeVision that I wanted a baby. A year later I was quite sick and had to have an operation. At the hospital the doctor told me I was pregnant, at which I was very surprised. Now I have a 7 month old baby girl.."  - Christine

"Ideal LifeVision has transformed my mind set and livelihood. After writing my ILV I realized the power of writing down the goals and visions of how my ideal life should be in present. Every time I listen to my ilv, a jolt is felt in my brain and it stirs me to remain focused on achieving every vision I have in my life. ILV has given me a valuable position and platform for serving other people and helping them write their visions and committing themselves to it, with ILV we have been able to change lives through rigorous training of our clients and educating them on business ideas and as well supporting some through microloans. I am motivated and inspired beyond any explanation every time I have a one on one session with my clients and look at the great things they have achieved through ILV. Personally I have been able to save alot of money which I couldn’t save before and I am seeing great change in my spiritual life as well.."  - Joesph