19 Rules of Prosperity: This FREE guide is based on the principle that your Family Life is better when there’s financial peace of mind. Learn how to have peace of mind in any economy!

School of Life Mastery : (This is where I’m part of the faculty): This is for serious students of the principles of Prosperity and Laws of Success. Delivered in online college format, these powerful & transformational materials are instruction from Leslie, Garrett Gunderson, myself and many others!

FTMF Program: Family Time & Money Freedom is their extremely popular 12 week home study course. It’s main purpose is to retrain your mind to think according to the universal Laws of Thought. It will not just tell you how to think to achieve success, it will actually facilitate that change. Using this method, Leslie and Trevan were able to triple their income in 3 months!

Best Selling Books: Portal to Genius and The Jackrabbit Factor. There is even a FREE download of the award best selling book The Jackrabbit Factor. Portal to Genius it the sequel to JF and is built on the premise that the solution to every problem is just an idea away. (Written with Garrett Gunderson)

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