Ann Webb has been coaching, training and presenting corporate & small business seminars on “Creating Your Ideal Life Vision” for the past 5 years. In particular she has worked with many different MLM/network marketing companies in creating LifeVisions for their distributors. Ann, owner of Ideal LifeVision delivers keynote address and offers workshops, seminars and/or breakouts for businesses and corporations. She offers both full and half day workshops tailored to a company’s specific goals and needs.

Ann also assists solo entrepreneurs in designing their ideal financial and professional life by designing a “perfect work week” complete with satisfying financial numbers. Creating it first on paper and then recording it onto a CD/MP3 where it is listened to daily are the essential items for attracting superior results.

She is a certified Life Coach and received her training from Coach Training Alliance. In 1989, she was introduced to the concept of the LifeVision by her mentor Leo Weidner (Founder of Life Balance Institute and former student of Napoleon Hill). Ann has used her own Ideal LifeVision to find her purpose, achieve goals and enhance her lifestyle. She previously worked as a coach for Life Balance Institute.

Her program “The Power of Creating a LifeVision” and the award-winning Vision Guider are available at a discount for corporate trainings. Please contact Ann for more details.

The concepts behind her keynote addresses and workshops are:

  • Not just changing your life, but reinventing it. It is about creating radical change and achieving what you once thought impossible.
  • A holistic approach that doesn’t focus on just one aspect of your life, but support you in creating an extraordinary life in every area.
  • Learning to connect with what is most important to you. Assisting you in realizing what your life is about, why you are here and what your primary purpose, vision, and mission is.