Kevin Hall and Ann Webb talk about the Power of Vision

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2 Day LIVE Workshop: The Power of Your Words

  • Do you have a vision for more income, better relationships, ease & freedom in your life, but haven’t been able to create it yet?
  • Do you want more in your life, but don’t know how to make it happen?

This powerful 2 day workshop is about taking some time & space for yourself to get crystal clear on what you want your Ideal Life to look like.  It is a time to look inward as you reflect on the “Ideal You”  in all areas of your life.  Ann Webb’s unique gift and insight guides you to find what it is that you want to create and have happen in your life.  You won’t just learn how to create a LifeVision, you will actually walk away with a 7-10 page minutely detailed “written” vision that will then be recorded in your own voice!  As this vision imprints upon your subconscious, it will be put into action!   Join us as we create our own unique LifeVision in both word and recording!

Your experience will include:

  • How to design a powerful vision for your life
  • Use the proven techniques to imprint this vision on your subconscious mind
  • Benefit from the “mastermind” experience of other participants to clarify your vision
  • Have a tool that works for you every day.
  • Fill your life with all the details & emotions you have always wanted to experience
  • Learn how music can deliver information to your brain in the most effective manner
  • Learn from Ann’s expertise in this field.
  • Put this tool into Action NOW!

The Power of Your Vision Program

This self-study program is a 5 module course that goes beyond your typical goal setting program. What sets this apart from other self-development programs is that the participant creates a written LifeVision that gives them minute clarity in all areas of their life and then they record it in their own voice!   Includes:

  • 125 page manual
  • The Vision Guider Recording System
  • Bonus:  LIVE 90 min.Tele-Workshop or optional download
  • Template for your Network Marketing Company (if applicable)