Why I love what I do

I am passionate about teaching women to grow their own net worth, no matter what her income is or where she is starting. When a woman is confident with her money and is on the path to personal wealth, it impacts everything – her children, her family, her community, her world. I’ve seen financial disaster come after ignoring it for too long, a divorce or a death. I don’t want to see another woman and her children living in financial turmoil anymore! If you’re looking for tangible real-life advice about living financially free, living in abundance, and enjoying more in your life, then I’m your “Money Girl”. Welcome to the journey my friend!

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A little bit about me

My story is a journey through the corporate financial world, marriage, kids, divorce, grief, and coming out the other side a financially successful and pretty hot Momma! As an international speaker, educator and coach, I help women grow their net worth and their self-worth to live a life of true wealth.

After a 15 year corporate career in the stock trading and wealth planning world, I founded LHB Consulting to inspire and teach women to successfully get and stay out of debt, increase income, all while nurturing themselves and their children. I know the heartache of divorce, the struggle of converting from a two income household to one. I know the draw of emotional spending that comes with loss and grief. But, I also know exactly what I did to successfully get and stay out of debt,
increase my income, nurture myself and my children and choose to be happy,
healthy and wealthy.