Creating Your Ideal LifeVision Program – $297

This self-study program is a 5 module course that goes beyond your typical goal setting program. What sets this apart from other self-development programs is that the participant creates a written LifeVision that gives them minute clarity in all areas of their life and then they record it in their own voice!


  • The Power of Creating a LifeVision Interactive manual
  • 10 Worksheets that will help you get concretely CLEAR on your Ideal Life
    • Why Use Baroque Music?
    • Using Conscious LanguageVideos
    • 8 Steps to Creating Your LifeVision
    • Amazing Results that Can be Achieved
    • How Important is Motivation?
    • The Ever-Evolving LifeVision
    • Universal Laws & Principles that Support LifeVision
    • Why Record Your LifeVision?
  • Mini Classes (Audio Files)
    • Professional Financial mini class
    • Physical Fitness mini class
    • Relationship mini class
    • Spiritual mini class
    • Personal Development mini class
  • 5 Section Packets
  • Database of hundreds of LifeVisions
  • A downloadable recording system for my computer that will record my voice and then blend it with music so that I can put it onto a CD or iPod to be listened to daily.
  • Access to Expert Calls (both archived and LIVE)


Training Call

An Open Mentoring Sessions to answer all of your questions

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