The Power of Music and the Power of your own Voice = Powerful Life.

 What Makes Ideal LifeVision Unique?

Reason #1 – Creating Minute Clarity

The first requirement in having what you want is knowing what you want. 

Most people can give a detailed list of what they DON’T want; but how many people actually articulate in minute detail the things they desire in all areas of their life? Clarity is Empowering. By creating a clear image of your life you empower achievement.

Creating your own LifeVision is the key to making your life happen just as you plan and just how you envision it, while gaining balance, focus, clarity, and success in ALL areas in your life.

Reason #2 – Focus Daily on Your Ideal Life

Your LifeVision is then recorded using your own voice because your own voice is your most believable voice. Specific music is added to the background. The finished recording is then downloaded onto your iPod or a CD. You then listen to your recorded LifeVision daily.

The process of listening daily to the ideal life you are creating is incredibly powerful.  It is a cause in motion that literally activates and attracts the things you desire into your life. Your words recorded in your LifeVision puts your ideal life on the front burner daily, thus integrating these dreams and aspirations into your life swiftly and efficiently.

Because of the unique recording method used with LifeVision even when daydreaming or not particularly listening to your LifeVision, your subconscious mind still hears it and responds. By listening daily to the person you are becoming, your beliefs about yourself will begin to change. These beliefs will in turn create habits and begin to give way to new beliefs, thus creating new habits.

Reason #3 – Ideal LifeVision is an Implementation System

Ideal LifeVision is not just another self-help theory; your ideal life success is a direct result of clarity and a proven implementation system. Although there are hundreds of success and self-help titles containing a wealth of knowledge and ideas based on sound principles, good ideas are plentiful however many fall short of results because there is not a strategy to implement those ideas. An effective implementation system is key to creating success.

After learning the benefits of this unique implementation system and how it works you will then know that any time you want to act upon a new idea or tackle a monumental goal, you will know exactly how to convert or implement it into all of your life areas.

The Ideal LifeVision implementation system has also been successfully used in overcoming addictions, eliminating bad habits or changing ineffective thoughts.

Combine the powerful tools of Creating Your Life Vision with the healing powers of NuPhonics:


At Nuphonics™, we are committed to supporting great causes and creating great products that get results and make a difference. As part of this commitment, we have built our business on these core beliefs:

  • We believe in healthy living.
  • We believe in supporting efforts that develop and sustain strong and effective organizations and families.
  • We believe that a happy and empowered life is built on the foundation of integrity, character development, ethical behavior, living by principles of effectiveness, and giving back through service and contribution.
  • We believe all people possess inherent power and potential that can be developed through meaningful choices to create a more deliberate and empowered life.


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