Would you like to become a “Resource” to the clients of Ideal LifeVision?

Would you like your service/product to have exposure to a wide audience of entrepreneurs or other highly motivated individuals?

Check out our Resource Page to see if you’d like to be listed here.

The opportunities that are most likely to be a good fit will meet the following criteria:

• The synergy will make both partners more attractive (going beyond earning affiliate commissions). The opportunity adds value to target market/clients of Ideal LifeVision as it supports the fruition of their personal LifeVision.

• The potential partner is offering products or services that complement but do not compete with Ideal LifeVision.

• The potential partner has a significant leads list and is willing to create a joint landing page and promote Ideal LifeVision. (optional)

• Both parties have to be fully comfortable investing their reputation in the JV. This requires personal experience with the product or service, as well as a review of the potential partner’s website and sales materials.

Referrals are one of the key ways we build our business. At the same time, we are always looking for quality business partners to whom we can refer our clients in order to accomplish the goals they outline for themselves during the LifeVision process. By working together in this joint venture, no doubt both of our businesses will continue to grow.

Let me outline briefly what this would look like and then if you’re interested, we will set up a time to discuss it via phone:

What Ideal LifeVision will do for you:

•  You/Your business will have a link on Ideal LifeVision’s website under Resources.

•   Partners listed as Affiliates/Resources will be limited to the very best; therefore we will take the time to market your business extensively by doing the following:

  1. You will be featured  once a year  in my blog, including a personal testimonial from me.
  2. Once a year you will be invited as a guest on my BlogTalk radio show.
  3. We will update our Events Page with your upcoming workshops, new products, tele-seminars, etc.
  4. We will contact you on a weekly basis to find out about your specials, upcoming events, and new products. We will be promoting your products as part of our weekly communication on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.
  5. You will receive a $75 commission for each person who signs up for the Creating Your Ideal LifeVision Program.

What We Would Like in Return:

• A similar promotion of our product (Creating Your Ideal LifeVision Program)  via the social marketing that you are currently using (We will need a full description of what that is.)

• Once a month we will have you promote our Introduction to creating a LifeVision Free Tele-class via Twitter & Facebook, your ezine, blog etc.   (You will email us with your promotions also.)

• Every 12-18 months,we would like you to host a tele-call promoting Ideal LifeVision and how it works in conjunction with that you do. (We’ll provide conference lines)  This will be a 45 minute call that will have a sales page that you can promote it with.  (You could make hundreds of dollars in commission in just one hour.)

• We would like to be listed as a permanent resource on your blog/website

• We would like to earn affiliate commissions on your workshops, products, services etc and would prefer that you have a back-end system that keeps track of sales/commissions. (% determined together)

If we have not experienced each other’s products, or services that will be the first thing to discuss.   If a joint venture or affiliate relationship  interests you, please notify us immediately to discuss possibilities.