At Ideal LifeVision we are always looking for  joint venture relationships that create a Win/Win for both parties. If you have a mailing list that is the target audience of Ideal LifeVision (entrepreneurs and other highly motivated individuals) consider doing a Joint Venture with us.  It is a way that you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in less than 1/2 hour of work !! Below you will see the what we can do for you as well as how you can help us.  

Let us Promote YOU as a Guest Expert as part of our “Ann Recommends”

As part of our Joint Venture, we are excited to promote you.  Here are the 4 things that we agree to do:

  1. Promote you in our newsletter
  2. Promote you on our website as a Guest Blogger (2 websites)
  3. Promote you in our resources section
  4. “Solo” promote you to clients of Ideal LifeVision in our weekly coaching call
You Promote Ideal LifeVision Home Study Course to your TRIBE

As part of our Joint Venture, we’re excited to have you promote Ideal LifeVision by email to your list.  You will:

  • Send 2 emails to your list (we will provide some samples that you can tweak)
  • These emails will encourage them to go here to opt into a tele-seminar
  • Sit back and relax while we take it from there with pre-event training videos
  • You will receive commission of 30%