Why do you record your LifeVision?

There’s a couple of reasons…….first and foremost there’s the multi-tasking factor. If you have to stop what you’re doing in order to READ your LIfeVision every day….chances are it wouldn’t get done.  Especially since the average LifeVision is between 20 and 25 minutes due to the amount of detail that is included.  Listening is just so much easier…especially when you’re trying to make it a consistent habit.   You can listen to it while exercising, driving in your car, clean your house, or getting ready for work.

Another benefit of recording it is that it can be mixed with Baroque music which helps transport to to your subconsious where it is imprinted.   You’ve probably heard of the Mozart effect and there’s another short video about WHY Baroque music.

But because it’s recorded…it doesn’t matter if your mind starts wandering, checks out or starts day dreaming while listening to it.  You still get the same powerful results.

And why do you record it with Baroque music?

You’ve probably heard of the Mozart effect.  And this is based on research that shows that the ideal state for learning is when the brain is in a relaxed but aware state.  And when I say relaxed, I don’t mean asleep, but relaxed in an aware and focused state.  This is the state where your brainwaves run about 8 to 12 cycles per seconds and it’s refered to as the alpha state.  Alpha is simply a state when you are calm ….in a way similar to when you whistle a happy tune or when you are day dreaming.

Getting into the Alpha state can be achieved in a number of ways and most of us get there several times a day.  And this is the time when our minds are most clear, they are receptive to information and rapidly making connections.  Most of your Aha moments come when you’re in Alpha.

Researchers have found that the number 1 way of getting into Alpha was by listening to Baroque music.  Baroque music is merely 17th century classical music that is approximately 60 beats per minute which is the perfect beat for producing more alpha or calmness waves.  Baroque music speaks to your unconscious and well as your conscious mind, creating a bridge of awareness which allows you to begin tapping into your unused capabilities.  And this is the ideal state to listen to your Ideal LifeVision.

How many “motives/why’s” do I have to include?

I have always recommended that you include as many WHY’s as possible without sounding overly obnoxious. The motive is the real power and driving force of the LifeVision. These statements contain the emotional part of the LifeVision, the compelling force strong enough to change habits.

Example: I pray every day. (Why do I pray every day?) I pray every day because it strengthens my relationship with my Creator. Example: I love to exercise every morning for 30 minutes beginning at 7:00 am. (Why do I exercise?) I love to exercise every morning for 30 minutes beginning at 7:00 am. Because of my consistency with exercise I am a size 8 which completely thrills me! I have more than enough energy to get through the day. Frequently I get comments on how great I look. (There are 3 motives for the exercise routine alone!) As a general rule in coaching clients, I have them identify at least 2 motives. But it is far more frequent to see as many as 5 – 6 “Whys” per section.)

How often do I listen to my recording?

It’s most effective if you can listen to it at least once a day. (Sometimes it’s appropriate to listen to it 2 times a day if you’re feeling a bit “stuck”.) Make it a habit as soon as possible! Finish your written LifeVision, record it immediately and begin listening. After 3 or 4 weeks, PLAN on a re­recording. Do not neglect this re­recording to continue the habit of daily listening! Listening to the recording in the car if you are alone is the perfect opportunity as is on an ipod or cd while exercising.

Can it be downloaded onto an ipod?

Yes! A great way to listen to it….from your ipod while working out! The procedure is that it will be mixed with Baroque music after you record your voice onto a WAV file, then burned to a CD. You can then download the CD onto your ipod. Instructions are on my website.

How long does it take to work?

There is no answer to this question because it always varies. I have had things in my LifeVision happen literally within a week or two (mending a relationship/incredible opportunities of service) and other things take more time like 6 months (training for a triathlon/ going to Europe) to a couple of years (getting out of debt/buying a new home). In the first few years of designing my life with the LifeVision, I was much more concerned about “how fast” I could accomplish things. Now (probably because I’m older) I focus more on the journey and enjoy the process.

How far out in the future can I go with this?

You can write about things as far in the future as you’d like. (Just remember to keep EVERYTHING in present tense… “In 2020, I am financially independent. I have a beach front home in Carmel where I enjoy my retirement.”)

Personally, I don’t design my life more than about 2­3 years in the future. Why? Because I have found that my purpose in life seems to “unfold” a layer at a time. As I grow as a person, I have new ideas and interests. I know that I can get very clear on what I want for the next few years, but down the road, it becomes a more vague. So it is my personal preference to keep the vision within about 2­3 years time.

It is appropriate to take things out of your LifeVision that just don’t work for you anymore.

Is this appropriate for teenagers to use?

Absolutely! My own teenage girls have their recorded LifeVisions downloaded onto their ipods and they claim they listen to them daily! One of the greatest benefits of using this tool as a young person is the confidence it creates. You begin telling yourself that you are a confident, capable, and accomplished person and you become such. It’s also a great way to counter the negative self­talk that many teens participate in. Imagine what it would be like as a 15 year old to feed into your mind positive things about yourself….action plans for accomplishment….affirmations about the kind of relationships you have with others, the grades you get, study habits you develop, and the kind of character you have. Frequently, I am complimented on how confident my daughters are, and I attribute some of that to their personal LifeVisions. They know who they are and where they’re going!

How often should I re­record?

Even though I set goals and visions for 2­3 years out, I end up re­ recording about 3 times a year! I know it’s time to re­record when I have a list of things to add to my new LifeVision, when I have about 5­ 6 things that I’ve already accomplished with dates that are past or I need new music and a different energy in it!

One thing that is important to mention is that the second you finish recording your LifeVision, you will remember something you forgot! Get used to it! Your LifeVision will NEVER be perfect. You will more than likely stumble on a few words. Don’t let these things discourage you. It’s still going to work!!!

There is no need to re­record every time you accomplish something. You will know when the time is right when you get LifeVision nausea! You won’t be able to stand listening to parts of it anymore!

Can I share my LifeVision with my friends & family?

Frequently, you may be tempted to share your LifeVision with others. Sharing generic and the general “gist” of your LifeVision is appropriate, but fine­tuned details are not.

With everything stated in present tense as if you’ve already achieved it, they could interpret your LifeVision as arrogant or silly. It could also trigger a HUGE sabotage. For example, suppose you are working on talking calmly to your children. In your LifeVision you state, “I always talk in a calm manner to my children and have complete control of my voice and temper.” Now imagine your spouse getting a hold of your LifeVision and he/she reads or hears you say that. Sometime in the future, you lose your temper with one of your children and your spouse eyes you with a look of “Oh yeah, complete control eh?” Or even worse, they say it! You consequently lose all faith in yourself and your LifeVision as a result of the sabotage this incurs.