As a cutting-edge leader in the MLM industry, you know that beyond QUALITY PRODUCTS there is a need for a QUALITY SYSTEM to implement your company vision into the daily lives of the distributors.

Having worked in the industry for many years, Ideal LifeVision is well aware that it is a challenge to continually inspire, train, & implement the “success model” into the daily lives of each distributor. At Ideal LifeVision, we have created the perfect tool for helping the distributors not only catch The Vision with minute clarity, but also begin the practice of focusing on it daily. Our program is not just another self- help program, nor is it motivational fluff & philosophy; It is literally  THE implementation tool for the vision, goals, success model, action plan, and to-do list of their MLM business. By creating a minutely detailed written vision statement (somewhere around 2-3 pages single-spaced typed) and then recording it with Baroque music, it is a cause in motion that inspires them to take action & succeed as it imprints on both their conscious & subconscious mind. (See Sample Sisel LifeVision)
As trainers & experts in creating “visions” for MLM executives, we will work along side you to create the most impactful & empowering vision to use as a “template” for the distributors & corporate executives.

  1. Schedule a 45 minute tele-call with Ann Webb on Creating Your Ideal LifeVision for Your Network Marketing Business

  2. Promote to your Downline/database

  3. Receive $75 commission per program  (or discount the program $75 to your team)

  4. Receive a 50% discount on your own Ideal LifeVision Program *

    *If discounting your commission, just sell 3 programs and yours is FREE

  5. All support material provided (promotion, conference lines, commission tracking, etc)

Creating Your Ideal LifeVision Program – $297

This self-study program is a 5 module course that goes beyond your typical goal setting program. What sets this apart from other self-development programs is that the participant creates a written LifeVision that gives them minute clarity in all areas of their life and then they record it in their own voice!   Includes:

  • The Power of Creating a LifeVision Interactive manual
  • 10 Worksheets that will help you get concretely CLEAR on your Ideal Life
  • Videos
    • 8 Steps to Creating Your LifeVision
    • Amazing Results that Can be Achieved
    • Why Use Baroque Music?
    • Using Conscious Language
    • How Important is Motivation?
    • The Ever-Evolving LifeVision
    • Universal Laws & Principles That Support LifeVision
    • Why Record Your LifeVision?
  • Mini Classes (Audio Files)
    • Professional Financial mini class
    • Physical Fitness mini class
    • Relationship mini class
    • Spiritual mini class
    • Personal Development mini class
  • 5 Section Packets
  • Database of hundreds of LifeVisions
  • A downloadable recording system for my computer that will record my voice and then blend it with music so that I can put it onto a CD or iPod to be listened to daily.
  • 250 Songs to use with your recorded LifeVision

*BONUS * 6 Open Mentoring Sessions to answer all of your questions AND

*DOUBLE BONUS*  The sample/template for your MLM company!  (Priceless!)

The format of the 45 minute call is below:

Host will introduce Ann Webb and their experience and/or testimonial of Ideal LifeVision and why they think it’s important as part of a network marketers Goal setting and Visioning process (implementation, focus, imprinting vision etc)

Presentation by Ann:

Set context by talking about the struggles of  Network Marketer

  1. Changing the Beliefs and Mindset
  2. Implementing the mindset, vision, and Success Strategies (& Schedule) of a successful Leader
  3. Helping your downline capture the vision

Tell “My Story ” and emphasizing How and Why LifeVision Works

The Different between LifeVision & Affirmations

Taking your “Vision Board” to a whole new level

Share your company Ideal LifeVision Vision

Comments from Host on their thoughts on this “MLM Vision”

How to create their own LifeVision


Call to Action



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Dear _______________

One of the challenges in motivating and supporting my downline is figuring out the perfect method in helping individuals implement a successful business strategy into their daily routine while at the same time maintaining balance in their personal lives. Sometimes I wish I could just “imprint” my own powerful vision into each of your heads!

And I’m excited to say that recently I have found a powerful tool for making my wish come true! This tool is perfect for not only helping you catch the Vision with minute clarity, but it also helps you focus on it daily. It is literally THE implementation tool for our company vision, goals, business & success model, action steps, and the to-do list for being a (networking super-star!)

I’m not going to spill all the details here, but I’m excited to share what I’ve learned about creating a written & recorded Ideal LifeVision that has been used to create many million dollar incomes.

Please join our team on _________ to meet Ann Webb, LifeVision Expert to hear her amazing success story of building a million dollar business from just one simple idea. Even more exciting is that you can learn the process she used to achieve your own amazing success. Here’s the details of the call.

  • Please RSVP to me by ________
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Phone:
  • Access code:

“See you” on the call.


<your name>

    1. Fill out the following application:
    2. You’ll have 7 days access to the full Ideal LifeVision Program. During that time you will have a chance to go through it this phenomenal program and start creating your own Ideal LifeVision.
    3. You will also create a template for your MLM Company.  *This is an imperative piece of this joint venture working.  If you are not willing to spend approximately  15-60 minutes helping to create this “sample” for yourself and downline, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY! (Ann will be willing to help of course)
    4. Email Ann the week you’d like to hold your call (2-3 weeks out) and she will send you options on days/times
  1. After the call, you will have the opportunity to purchase the program for 50% off (or if you choose the option of discounting this to your downline, then FREE if you have 3 people who purchase the program)