Become an Ideal LifeVision Affiliate!

What is an affiliate program?

As an Ideal LifeVision Affiliate, you refer visitors from your website, Facebook friends, or email lists to our website.  In return, for every visitor you send to us who then purchases our product, you receive a very generous commission.

How do I sign up?

Complete our online Affiliate Sign-up or you can contact a member of our affiliate support staff to assist you. Email or call 801-274-0849

How long does it take to sign up?

Sign-up takes only a couple of minutes. It’s straightforward, quick, and easy. Once you submit and “CONFIRM” (an email you need to click on to verify you want to do this) your information, we will immediately e-mail you a username and password so you can log in to your account and get started in minutes.

What product/services do you offer?

The “Create Your Ideal LifeVision” Program is our flagship product and can be purchased online for $497.  Click on the link to see the information on the programs and where your referrals will go to purchase.

What separates your affiliate program from other programs?

Our affiliate program is in high demand for 2 reasons (1) It is an absolute UNIQUE goal setting program that literally EVERYONE can benefit from. There is no other step-by-step program on the market that walks people through the process of getting minutely clear on all areas of their life while at the same time showing them how to get their Vision into their subconscious via a recording. (2)  Generous commissions and a high converting FREE tele-call (twice a month) that you can drive traffic to!  Most people can’t believe that they can purchase a program of this quality  that pays out $100 commissions.

How much will it cost me to join?

Absolutely nothing! It’s 100% free, forever!

When can I expect to receive my commissions?

We pay our affiliate the first week of every month via Paypal. Our affiliate tracking program ensures that you are paid for every single sale you refer.

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?

When you copy and paste our ads, banners, pictures, text, or free-report links into your website, a tracking “cookie” with your unique affiliate ID is attached. Then, when a visitor clicks on any of these links from your website, a cookie is placed on their computer. Finally, when the visitor completes a sale on our website, the cookie is read to determine which affiliate referred the customer — and you are credited accordingly. Our cookies last for life, to ensure you are credited for every sale you refer.

How will I know how many sales I have referred?

There are two ways you are notified of each sale you refer: (1) via e-mail and (2) via your personal affiliate page on our website. Every time you refer a sale, an e-mail will be sent to you. You can also log in to our site and check your statistics, all of which are displayed in real time. As well, you can run reports to find out which ads are generating click-throughs and sales, and which ones aren’t.

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How much will I be paid when I make a sale?

You will receive $100 for everyone you refer to the Create Your Ideal LifeVision Program and $125 if they purchase the program with the Line-by-Line feedback and coaching.

How will my visitors order?

All you need to do is refer potential customers to our website through what is called an “affiliate link”.  Your affiliate link was emailed to you just a minute ago.  We do the rest — from converting visitors to buyers; taking orders through our secure servers, to handling customer support questions. We do it all!

What kind of support do you offer?

We are fully dedicated to supporting our affiliates. (We even have an affiliate manager on our team!) If you ever have a question or concern, you can rest assured it will be answered fast. You can contact us anytime.  In addition, your referrals will be supported as they go through this program.  We offer technical support on the recording system as well.

Will you supply me with marketing materials that I can use on my site?

Absolutely!  We have an interactive ebook – Doorway to your Ideal Life that you can share with everyone and anyone!  Plus, every time we do our Free Tele-class you’ll get an email with Twitter/Facebook statuses/Emails to promote the Tele-Class so that you’ll make money sharing this amazing system with your associates!  You can get started NOW by copying and pasting the following Links:


Facebook & Twitter Statuses:

  • How to do more “goal accomplishing” instead of  just “goal setting”  <affiliate link”
  • The Perfect Application to The Law of Attraction <affiliate link>
  • The “How-To” of  Think and Grow Rich/Napoleon Hill  <affiliate link>
  • A Revolutionary Method for imprinting your vision on your subconscious mind <affiliate link>

Email to send out:


Since I’m all about living my ideal life, I stay on the lookout for people who can share powerful ideas on how to accelerate the process.

Recently, I met Ann Webb, a powerful coach, mentor, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. After seeing what she was doing in terms of helping people reach their goals and living their Ideal Life, I knew I had to tell you about it.

She’s created a really cool program called Ideal LifeVision.

Most of us struggle with the kind of clarity we need in order to do, be and have all we want in life  This program not only addresses that, but also helps you FOCUS daily on implementing your VISION.

If you are like most people, you don’t need another “program”. You just need a simple, straightforward yet effective way of reaching your dreams and implementing the valuable information you have already gleaned through books, workshops & tele-seminars!

Probably the single greatest benefit of this course is that by the time you go through all components of this program you will know exactly what you want in life, what your soul purpose is, your action plan and your motivation for doing so. A Life Vision that surpasses what almost all Life Coaches are able to give you. You will have the clarity and focus you need to create massive action that will in turn create abundance and wealth in all areas of your life.

To find out more go here:    <insert affiliate link>

Go check it out.  This may very well be the key to living that ever elusive Ideal Life!

Let me know what you think.

All the best,

<Your name>