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Monica Shah, MBA
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Ann Webb, Founder of IdealLifevision.com

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Let’s face it. Right now, everything out there is about money (or not enough money). You can’t sign a client without hearing “I just don’t have the money.” You can’t even work with a client without talking about money issues (even if you are doing something that has nothing to do with money). Here’s the reality:

If you don’t have your own money “stuff” figured out, you probably aren’t very comfortable talking about money. And if you can’t talk about money, getting clients consistently is nearly impossible!

In this content-rich FREE TRAINING call you will discover exactly how to ask for money, raise your prices, make responsible money decisions and understand how to KEEP more of the money you work so hard to earn. EVERY woman is capable of generating massive wealth simply and on a predictable, ongoing basis but you’ve got to clean up your own money house first…

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The last time I gave this talk in person, I had over 50 people ask if they could work with me. Clearly, money is a hot-button issue for entrepreneurs – and I can’t wait to show you:

The reason that most entrepreneurs are still living month-to-month even though they work hard in their businesses – and how to solve this issue immediately.
The secret to raising your prices – a step-by-step approach to successfully asking for more without worry and fear – and receiving it!
The one mistake that nearly all business owners are making that is preventing them from making huge money leaps in their businesses.
The key strategy for making all money decisions EASY. You’ll receive a complete script on questions to ask yourself and your providers when you are making money decisions.
How to decipher when to use debt to grow your business (and when NOT to).
A simple strategy to keep you laser focused and transform your business into a money-making machine (this one will delight you)
The one thing you must be doing each month to ensure your revenue increases.
Why mastering these simple money strategies could make the difference to you creating a six-figure business faster (and simpler) than everything else out there.
Exciting details about the much-anticipated Cash Control Tour – with stops on March 10th in San Francisco, April 14th in Boston and May 12th in NYC. I’ll share all the details about the tour, plus share with you how to tell if you’re ready to spend a day with me. This day could “make or break” your ability to build a consistent cash flow in your business. The tour is strictly limited to 50 people at each stop and the tour stops are selling out quickly.

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 4:00pm EST

Details will be delivered to the e-mail address you provide above. We will not sell, rent or share your email address, period.


I’ve been working with Monica for less than 2 months and the results that we’ve achieved in that time has been nothing short of AMAZING! I was able to quickly focus in on the high-leverage actions to take, and launched a program
[www.FierceFabulousFree.com] that helped me generate my first $50,000 month ever! I am so excited and so grateful and can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. Monica has been an incredible, supportive Business Coach. I feel so blessed to have her in my corner!

~ Nisha Moodley



In October 2009, I was only starting to think about maybe starting my own business. By the end of January 2010, I had six clients! I am developing an important niche helping people manage their office move that I had not even considered. I could not have done this as seamlessly and successfully without Monica and the Revenue Breakthrough Program.

~ Vicky A. Stein, Principal

Squared Away Management


An unexpected result has been that any residue of doubt about the value I offer (and charging what I am worth) has completely disappeared. That wasn’t a goal I brought to the table with Monica, but my boost in clarity, confidence and enthusiasm is an amazing by-product of our work together.

~ Liyana Silver

Relationship Specialist and Author


In the four months that I’ve been in the program, I’ve filled my copywriting business, and have clients calling me for work. I make more in a month now than I did in my last job. But more than that, I am filled with the satisfaction of waking up to a new adventure everyday, and that my life is – finally- what I make of it. There is no greater motivation out there!

~ Stephanie Saline

Stella Orange, Wordsmith

Specifically my income last year averaged about $1500/month and I’ve more than doubled that this year and am on the way up! I have a new coaching program beginning in February with six people already enrolled. I am in the process of enrolling new private coaching clients, updating my web site, promoting a new wellness coaching group to begin in February, booking speaking engagements and offering consistent consultations to new potential clients.

~ Becca Pronchick, CPCC

Mindset Mastery Coach

I now have clients, a steady and growing income from my business, and MOMENTUM! She greatly boosted my confidence level, both that I can really help my clients and actually make a living doing it.

~ Regina Hudson de Corona

Train4Rain Coaching/Consulting, Birmingham, Alabama


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