Are you . . . . .

  • Frustrated with your Fitness?
  • Need help in making your 90 day Fitness Challenge Successful?
  • Ready to implement a new mindset & skill set that supports you in reaching your goal and then maintaining it?


“Creating Your 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision"

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves training that gives you strategies to improve EVERY piece of your 90 Day Fitness Challenge  from here on out… AND lights a fire under your keister to keep moving day by day so you reach your GOAL!


  • A customized, detailed, PERSONALIZED plan for your 90 Day Fitness Challenge
  • Clarity on how to integrate your workouts into your daily life
  • Knowledge on how to stick to your nutrition plan
  • A vision so crystal clear that you know each action step to get you there and the reason you’re doing it!
  • Implementation of your *NEW* mindset to match your new body.

Life Vision is Changing my Life!! In March of 2013, I started some new commitments in my life. One of which was to compete in Physique competitions. I hired several different trainers to help me prepare for contest and spent around $4,000 in private training and posing classes etc. I did great, I released weight using Isagenix and trained really hard. I went to contest and placed very low for my first time. To say that I was bummed was an understatement. All of the hard work and extreme dieting towards the end had me pretty down about doing another contest.

On the way home from my contest in Las Vegas, I received a call from a business partner, inviting me to Ann Webbʼs LifeVision Course. Something told me I should attend. Ann Webb was very to the point and her system of goal setting was revolutionary and I immediately saw this as a life style for me.

I first noticed that everything I had written down in my “Relationship” section came to fruition almost immediately especially with my children.

Two days after creating my LifeVision, I was offered a part time position at a gym to personally training again – I told them no and left the gym. As I got in my car, my blue tooth picked up my life vision recording from my phone and this is what I heard; “ Because of my willingness to help otherʼs achieve their physical and financial success, I am dedicated to sharing my talents to help them with whatever they need to accomplish there goals both physically and financially. Doing this helps me grow my Isagenix business and expand my team daily.”

I walked back into the gym and said; “Yes, whatever you need me to do, I would love to help out. The Manager said to me; “I know you run your own Nutrition business and are very busy but if we can have you on staff even very part time, I would love to give you free rain to share your nutritional products with our clients.” Um Hello!!! Life Vision. Itʼs Awesome!

A few days later I got a call from a girlfriend who told me about the Cathy Savage fitness program and how much she loved it, I immediately recalled that I had put in my life vision that I would compete again and this time place top 5.

She assured me Cathy Savage’s plan was exactly what I needed! I enrolled that night and to my surprise I ended up having Miss Savage train me personally. Talk about getting the best ~ still not a total shocker when I listened to my life vision and it said; “I always seek the best trainers for advice to further my physical goals.” The program was exactly how I wrote out my eating schedule in my life vision and I was in competition training heaven!!

I got started with my workout and even had some of my closest Isagenix friends decide to compete with me. We trained and we dominated the August 2013 NPC SLC Cup. It was so incredibly rewarding to have trained each of these Isagenix members. All of my team placed Top 5 in their categories and I have to say we had the most beautiful bodies at the show. Perfectly trained and perfectly nourished in every way and it showed.

Nothing is more rewarding then looking back at the moment you decided to be inspired by your goals and see how the excitement has spread to those around you. I was like a proud mom cheering my team on because I knew what all of these magnificent people had to overcome to do this.

To tell you my personal accomplishments now seems great but Itʼs who I have become in the journey that is even more priceless to me than the trophies. I took First place in my category, Second place Overall, and Second Place in Naturals which means I did not use any fat burners.

Here is exactly what my life vision says;

“ I am a sponsored bikini model winning in the top 5 of all the contests I enter. I am this due to my dedication to my eating and training habits in the gym. I am an inspiration to others when it comes to my body and how my experience can assist them in getting the body they have dreamed of. I love to help both women and men achieve their physical goals and in turn I love enrolling them with Isagenix business packages as my preferred system of products. They thrive with them and each get their desired results. This allows me to be recognized a top trainer for Golds Gym this year.”

Ideal LifeVision is one of the best programs I ever spent money on and so affordable! To say that it has changed my life and others is an understatement. Myself and my team members have had an increased confidence in ourselves and our ability to manifest what we really desire. SO grateful to Ann Webb and Ideal LifeVision!!!


Adrianne McKenna

Now exactly what is a 90 day Fitness Challenge LifeVision you may be wondering . . . . . . . 

It is a minutely detailed 1-3 page blueprint that assists you in implementing your dreams of success as you participate in your unique 90 Day Fitness Challenge. It contains YOUR unique nutrition plan, workout schedule, as well as a new “mindset”. Written in first person, present tense, this very personal “vision” is then recorded in your own voice (mixed with Baroque music in the background) and downloaded onto an iPod or burned to a CD where you can listen to it daily as it imprints upon your subconscious mind, thus making it a reality.

Ann’s 90 Day Fitness Challenge clients are experiencing AMAZING results!

  • Bonnie lost 33 lbs and it changed her life !
  • Michelle won her office competition along with the $500 Grand Prize
  • Kim got in shape and represented her network marketing company WELL !
  • Adriane won first place in a bikini competition
  • At 62, Irene placed in a bikini competition with girls half her age !

 Here’s what’s included in this recorded training.

Session #1: The Introduction

An important introduction to how and why a 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision works. Success stories other have created using it and the mechanics and step-by-step instructions on creating YOUR unique Fitness Challenge LifeVision.

Session #2: The Nuts & Bolts

By taking an existing 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision that is getting results - we broke it down paragraph by paragraph to assist you in creating your vision for nutrition, cardio, weight and strength training, supplementation, mindset and more! You will know EXACTLY how to create your 90 Day Fitness LifeVision after this session.

Session #3: FOCUS and FINISHING your LifeVision

Learn about what music to use. FOCUS by recording and then FINISHING your complete LifeVision. Find out what tools to use to get your 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision recorded. Discover how to complete your entire and complete Ideal LifeVision.

Download: The 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision Template PDF

The Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge LifeVision to use as a sample or template.

This CD training was created to give you absolute clarity in succeeding in your fitness challenge.

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Watch this video to see all of the OTHER benefits you’ll receive from creating YOUR LifeVision.

And who am I to unleash the Fitness Competitor that is just around the corner ?

Trainer:  Ann Webb – Ideal LifeVision

Ann Webb is CEO of Ideal LifeVision, Inc, a company dedicated to empowering network marketers with the tools to create and live their Ideal Life, build their business and leave their legacy. Her 20 year journey as an entrepreneur has led Ann into the world of retailing & wholesaling gourmet food, business & vision coaching, and the audio visual business of producing hundreds of MLM conventions. Ann draws on her wealth of experiences in all of these arenas. While best known for her expertise in creating Corporate & Distributor LifeVisions, she is also a master at presenting the Universal Laws & Principles that support WHY written & recorded visions are so powerful.