Over the past 6 years, I have coached and guided thousands of students from around the world to EXPLOSIVE RESULTS leveraging the Ideal LifeVision System.

Please listen to a short message by Ann Webb

Ann Webb

Tiffany Peterson Ideal LifeVision is my very favorite goal setting and more importantly, goal achieving tool to support me to manifest my dreams. It’s unique, easy to implement process is one of a kind! I have personally achieved and manifested many key goals — everything from growing my own speaking & coaching business, to doubling my income, to attracting amazing and fulfilling relationships and connections.

From the classes, I learned so much from Ann’s personal experience and her tips on how to get even more specific. She also gives tons of ideas of types of things to put into the LifeVision as well as some amazing samples that really get the wheels turning. But it was the feedback and critique that really made a difference in getting my LifeVision where I wanted it to me. Working with her was what really helped me finally get it done so that I can listen to it daily. It’s working! Tiffany Peterson, The Lighthouse Principles

My students have used Ideal LifeVision to get married, improve their relationships, make an extra $5,000 a month, hit Diamond or even Blue Diamond, write a book and more. But the kicker is only those that actually created their Ideal LifeVision AND created it the RIGHT way are getting THOSE kind of results.

So because of this – I’ve created a new program (beta) called the “doTerra LifeVision” and I want to tell you about it.

It’s for those that are SERIOUS about taking their doTerra business to the next level, to rank advance, plus find happiness and balance in the process.

Here’s HOW we’ll do it:

  • You’ll learn how to create a LifeVision (for business and personal life).
  • You’ll develop the habit of listening daily to the Ideal LifeVision to reach your goals by developing new habits and changing the neural pathways in your brain.
  • You’ll have a mentor to show you the way and keep you on the path
  • You’ll be able to balance the many responsibilities of life well ! (By creating a spiritual, physical, personal development and relationship LifeVision as well as a doTerra LifeVision).
  • You’ll implement the things that are in your LifeVision through accountability.
  • You’ll reach your goals because you know your WHY and you have support all around you.
  • You’ll rank advance because you know how to support your team in reaching their goals.
Cherie Burton Ann Webb’s Ideal LifeVision training has been amazing for my doTERRA team. More personally, for me! When I was first introduced to Ann, I’d been a doTERRA Diamond for some time, but was lacking in clarity…clarity in how have greater influence, inspire my leaders and balance family and business. After her training and doing the work she suggested, I had more insight into my vision, business, family and LIFE than ever. Within 4 months of writing and recording my doTERRA LifeVision, we went Blue Diamond, our income has doubled, and all of my front line leaders became completely focused on becoming Diamonds themselves. Our family is more in balance than ever, in fact, a new baby, family service mission and dream home has shown up! Every doTERRA builder who wants to be successful absolutely needs to create a LifeVision! It is one of the most powerful tools I know for creating results. Cherie Burton, Blue Diamond IPC

What you get during this Beta Test of doTerra LifeVision Course

Creating Your Ideal LifeVision ONLINE Program (Reg. $297)

This powerful comprehensive program includes all of the essential strategies and tools necessary in creating your own ideal life. This program is online and includes 19 modules, 14 videos, 5 audio classes and countless downloads and resources.

In the past, most doTerra people have paid $150 just for this program.

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*This is an online program and does not include hardbound manual.

Creating Your doTerra LifeVision (Reg. $49)

Now exactly what is a doTerra LifeVision you may be wondering . . . . . . . 

It is a minutely detailed 1-3 page blueprint & business plan that assists you in implementing your dreams of success as a doTerra distributor. Written in first person, present tense, this very personal “vision” is then recorded in your own voice (mixed with Baroque music in the background) and downloaded onto an iPod or burned to a CD where you can listen to it daily as it imprints upon your subconscious mind, thus making it a reality.

By taking an existing doTerra LifeVision that is getting results – we break it down paragraph by paragraph and create paragraphs on daily and weekly schedule, nourishing your network, supporting your downline, connecting with your upline, income goals, mindset, personal development goals and more! You will know EXACTLY how to create your doTerra LifeVision after this session.

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  • A customized, detailed, PERSONALIZED plan for your doTERRA business.
  • Clarity on how to integrate your doTERRA business into your daily life.
  • Excitement in knowing your next step.
  • A vision so crystal clear that you know each action step to get you there and the reason you’re doing it!
  • Complete permission to play full out!
  • Knowledge on how to not fall out of balance as you do so

6 months of Weekly support from Ann Webb (Reg. $147 a month)

This is where you’re really going to be able to learn from me — During these weekly calls, I will focus on 1 section of the LifeVision and break it down paragraph by paragraph — giving you ideas and suggestions of what to put into your LifeVision as well as teach you everything I know in regards to creating that specific section. It’ll be much less overwhelming as we take it one vision at a time — week by week. At the end of each call — I’ll take ALL of your questions — answering each one and then I’ll give you the assignment of creating that piece of your LifeVision before our next class.

So we’ll have a class each on Creating your Spiritual LV, Physical LV, Relationship LV, Financial, Professional and Personal Development.

Then the final class is on recording, music, listening to and updating your LifeVision. Another very powerful and informative class.

Private Facebook Group

Find support, ask questions, get ideas, share, contribute and be accountable.

Additional Opportunities

For an additional small fee, you can have your Ideal LifeVision critiqued or hire a certified coach for 30 minutes!

This course would normally be $147 a month PLUS
$49 for the doTerra training = $931

However, be one of our “beta testers” for
just $29 a month!!! ~ 6 month commitment

(I must be CRAZY!!!!)

6 Month Access

$29 a month or $149 (save 15%)

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